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Fentanyl or Opioid Toxicity...

I have been happily managing my pain with Fentanyl 100Mcg patches and one day I started having insane abdominal pain and axiety and stress and it's awful. If I take Oxycontin on an empty stomach I sometimes get relief and sometimes I don't.

I have long acting Morphine Sulfate 30mg tablets and sometimes those help and sometimes they make it worse.

I have stopped the Fentanyl and my abdomen is on fire.

Can anyone tell me what is going on? I have tons of opiods and none of them help?

I'm terrified!!!

My doctor is stumped. I'm stumped, I thought it was gall bladder and maybe it is. I just don't know. We are doing bloodwork.

I'm desperate for clues or hints.

Living a knightmare in Boise.
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I am sorry to hear someone else is having trouble with pain meds and trying to get off. I have been weaning off of Morphine and I am down to 1 30mg pill a day. I have degenerative disc disease and I have had it since 1969 when I had an accident. I am 70 years old now and the meds are making me sick every day. I will have to try a new 12 hour med but only one. Hope I can find one that will not make me sick. A warning to anyone who takes more then 1 or meds for pain. I ended up with seizure and coma in Nov. last year. I was lucky my DH found me on the floor in time. I had stopped breathing. All the meds I was taking as doctor ordered, put me in this state. They are very dangerious!!! I will never take more then 1 long acting and 1 short acting as needed. Weaning off take time, you can not rush it and it must be done with your doctors help. Good luck to us all.
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Sometimes a gall bladder attack / issues won't show up on blood tests, ask for a HIDA (spelling?) scan to check the flow of the bile ducts and also an ultrasound to see if you have gall stones. I had a really bad attack and had to go to the ER and got the ultrasound and it showed very large gall stones, ended up having it removed, but man those attacks were painful. good luck to you.
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