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Fentanyl patch users

ya know, I'm not saying you shouldn't have your own opinion on here, but I have to say, I just started using the patch about a week ago, and I have had no problems with it so far,  it has been helping, but ali this negativity about it being the devil and all, ans all these w/d stories, are really starting to scare the world out of me, and make me wonder if I should leave it alone.  

Please, i'm I'm sorry that you had a really bad time with it,  but maybe instead of ppl posting thier detailed experiences, it would be better if they just said it wasn't for them , and then if anybody wants to know more thay can PM that person, just a thought. .


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Hi Jax,

Thank you for sharing your findings with the Fentanyl Patch. I am so glad that it is working well for you.

Ppl are always welcome to post their experiences here, in detail if they so chose. Unfortunately sometimes they turn into debates and become heated or someone crosses the line of what is acceptable on the forum. I am not saying that is what happened with your last post. I guess this just proves we are all human with different opinions. And that's what makes us all unique.

I hear more pros than cons regarding the patch. And again I am very glad that it is working for you. Please understand that there have been patients that have been on the patch for years and have not had a problem.

My only suggestion would be to avoid the reservoirs and purchase the patches that cannot leak and cause an accidental over dose.I think they may be more expensive but I don't honestly know.  But again ppl that have been on the reservoirs type patches and have had no problems. Indeed I was one of them. I was just very allergic to the adhesive. Inspect each patch thoroughly to make sure it is intact before placing it on and you should be ok.  

Take care and thanks for posting again.

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My nlycomplaint with the patch was getting it to stay stuck for the 3 days equired. Fentanyl is a great pain releiver.
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when you go to the pharmacy to get it filled, are you actually able to request that it be a certain brand? I thought they gave you whatt was in stock.  Do you know the name of the brand that you speak of, the one with the resivoires?  What do I say to   the pharmacy? The problem that I've run into before was that if they don't have the one in stock that you need, they told me it was a week to get the one in that you need, so i've actually had to shop around to pharmacys. bacause obviously, I can't go a week without my medication.

The issue actually was that I was being percribed 80mg. Oxy, and most of the pharmacy's didnt keep that strength in stock, and they said they coulnd't give me an equvalnt amount in a lower doseage, ya know? it would take a week to get that strenght in, and due to the nature of the medication, I couldn't get a refill more than a couple days before my last script was to run out..or so I thought, so I wouldn't actually call it in untill like 2 or 3 days before it was to run out, I didn't want to seem to the doctor that I was getting it too early, does that make sense?

so when a pharmacy would tell me they couldn't have the med in for a week, I had to go to a different pharmacy. SO, I guess what i'm saying is, I wasn't aware that you could request a specific brand.... the ones I get are from Watson....  I actually just was told about a spot I could stick it that would stay, and I put it on yesterday, and so far so good!  o

And you know what's weird? is everytime I put on another patch, I read the pamphet, just to make sure I put it on  rght.  lol. better to be safe than sorry!!
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oopps.... I jusr re'read your post, I guess I have the one with the resivoire.... can you tell me the name of the brand that doesn't have that. Thank you!
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Hello everybody,

jax, my motto is simple and it goes like this....If a med works for you and your Dr prescribed it, then STAY with it. Why do I say that? Becuase with the amount of choices we currently have on the market you will always fine someone else who had a negative reaction ot thinks that med is 'The Devil' as they like to call it. I happen to feel strongly against Methadone, that being said, I'm NOT narrow minded to think or believe that Methadone could not or would not be effective for other patients because is simply not the case.

This is why people need to be more careful and gentle with their opinions and remember that we DID NOT go to medical school. It really irritates me when I see people like yourself (Jax) getting scared and freaked out because of all the horror strories you have read or heard about from other posters. The bottom line is, ALL opiates can kill us or cause adverse reactions, that's why it's trial and error to find what works best for us. Our Dr is simply trying to ease our pain and I would think if you asked him what his opinion was he may ask if it's working....If you say yes I'd expect him to say then why stop it?
FAO Seano, I have a great method for getting the patches to stick if you are interested? If so I can send you a PM and share the 'down under' secret!!!
It works a charm for me!!!
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Mylan patches do not have a liquid supply but they  cost more than the Watson patches.
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I'm sorry, but I disagree with you.  Just as you are able to post how great they are for you it would be one-sided to not allow others to tell their bad experiences.  In the end, we all make our own decisions, but making an informed decision includes hearing all sides.  It's great that the fentanyl patches are working for you and glad that you shared your experience.  I had a horrible experience with fentanyl patches and am willing to give full story to anyone who wants to PM me!!  only because it is a personal story and long.
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If you want a specific brand the pharmacy can usually order it ahead of time for you so that you will have it when you need it filled. Ask your pharmacist and I am sure he/she will accommodate you.
I tend to agree with some of the post made here that are intended to scare people away m one particular medication. Now telling what experience you may have had good or bad with any medication is certainly acceptable but the post that are made to intentionally scare someone away from a medication that is working for them is not really beneficial to the one seeking advice. This community is all about support and sharing our experiences and we all know that while some medications work well for some Pt's this is not the case for everyone. We are all different and respond to medicines differently.
I do believe sharing what side effects we may have had with any medication is fine but keeping in mind that your bed experience is just that yours. The drug your discussing may be the life saver for another member, the medication that gave them their life back to some extent.
I am glad to see this medicine is working well for you. I believe nometh4me told you which patch had the drug made into the patch without the reservoir. If not let me know and I will find out for you.
Mollyrae is a member here and has been on the patch for awhile too and can answer any questions you may have concerning the patch also.
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I have recently had a problem with the patch..I have been using them for about 2 years....I have found that the brand by the name of TEVA will stick to anything including water....I am having a problem with the adheasive which is TOO sticky.

The others I have tried including...Mylan (no resevoir) , Sandoz, Nova-Plus have all been about the same. TEVA seems to be much stronger than the others...maybe because of the adheasive.....

Insurance companies will only pay for certian brands such as Generic or not. Usually the generic...All those that I have listed are generic.

I have had a good relationship with the Patch...Works well for my pain.

I'm glad that it's worked for you as well.

My best,
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Thanks toolmaker for responding to the specific question. I didn't get back to the forum as quickly as I had planned. Yes the Mylan brand does not have the reservoir.

Some goggled statements on the differences:

BEGIN "The two most popular types of Fentanyl patches are the reservoir design, and the matrix design. The reservoir patch gets its name from the fact that the fentanyl is contained in a reservoir.  In Duragesic fentanyl patches and authorized generics such as the Sandoz fentanyl patch, this reservoir will be filled with a fentanyl gel."

"There is no fentanyl gel in a matrix style patch.  Mylan pharmaceuticals makes a matrix patch.  A matrix fentanyl patch places the fentanyl in adhesive.  There is therefore no gel to link."  END

The matrix design is considered inherently safer because it cannot leak the fentanyl gel. However they are more costly. My insurance would only cover the least expensive which was the reservoir type. Had I been able to tolerate the adhesive I would have contacted my insurance carrier to see if I could have paid the difference and obtained the Mylan Patch. But that is my personal preference and my only concern with the Fentanyl patches. As I stated earlier many (including my step-father) have used the reservoir type without any problems.  The design has been improved over the years and the manufacturer stands by it's safe use.

So don't let a horror storie here or there scare you needlessly. Everyone has one about this or that opiate. The important thing is that they work for you. Boy what a releif to find something that controls your pain.
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Please don't let others scare you......The patch is NOT scary....LOL
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I used the reservoir type of patch and didn't have a problem with any leakage, but I was very diligent about checking each and every patch before I applied it.  I would slowly run my fingers along the reservoir area, causing the medication gel to move around teh reservoir and would look for any signs of leakage, such as tiny bubbles.  I did run into one patch that had a tiny leak, but fortunately, I discovered it BEFORE I had applied it.  When I found it, I called my doctor and pharmacy to ask what I should do and they told me to bring the entire box back (this was the first one out of that box) to the pharmacy, including the affected patch - the doctor had to call the pharmacy and let them know she was aware of the problem I had had and that it was ok to replace the box.  I did so and the pharmacist also checked the patch that I had discovered the leak in, so he was able to acknowledge that there was a problem.  Fortunately, they were able to replace that box from an entirely different lot number (just to be on the safe side in case it was the entire lot that was affected).  I was kind of surprised they were able to do this with this being such a strong medication, but was very glad they were able to work with me on this.

Everyone has different reactions to ALL types of medications - including over the counter ones - so it's very important to know that even if you have a certain reaction/side effect from a medication that not everyone that takes that medication will have the same symptoms.  I do, however, feel that it's very important for us all to be able to share our experiences with our medications - like someone above said, it's all about being informed.  I know you can always ask your doctor or pharmacist about possible problems or side effects, but I personally feel it helps a lot to be able to talk to people who have had personal experience with a medication, rather than a professional just "stating facts".

Also keep in mind that if, for any reason, you need to stop the use of this medication, ALWAYS do it under the care of a physician - NEVER adjust, increase, decrease, stop, etc., any medication without first talking to your doctor and getting the appropriate instructions on how to do so.  

I'm glad the patches are helping.
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Hey, I do the same thing with my patches, I have the resivior kind too, and I do the same thing every time i have to put a new one on, I slide my fingers around to move the gel to see it there is a leak. So far, so good! No problems, I was told by another member on here on where to maybe place it so it won't crinkle, or come off.. it works like a charm! So if anyone reads this and they would like that info. you can PM me and I'll tell you, or I can have the member who told me this to PM you, and tell you...
(cause it's kinda personal)

I do think that coimg on here and seeing other's input is kinda better that reading the 'facts' in the pamphlet, it feels a little more, I guess, 'intimate' instead of so, matter-of-fact.. Does that make sense?  

Still doin good on the patch, the back pain has been kinda there a little bit that last 2 days, but still, NOTHING like it was before I started Fentanyl! I am so greatful for this drug!! I feel like going to my Doc's office and giving him a huge kiss!!
(doesn't hurt that he's cute too)lol... j/k

but seriously, he is cute.

thank you guys for all your very helpful input..because of this forum I believe alot of people can make a very informed decision with research too!!


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There are always reasons why something works for one person and not the other.  My probelm was with the patch because I am probably pre-menopausal and the night sweats are causing it to use the patch quicker then the 72 hours it is suppose to last.  If you go to the manafactors web site for your particular patch you can read the pro's and con's and see more scientific advice.  I didn't hardly move for a year prior to the patch and atleast I can get out some now.  But due to the side effects it is not for me and coming off it is very hard.  But it is not to say that it won't help you if not turn your life around and you probably won't have any probelms with it.
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I have been on the fentanyl patch which is generic for Duragesic which is made by Sandoz (gel) patch for or about a year now. I had trouble with the adhesive and it would not stay on for 3 days although that was the 25 mg patch. a few weeks later I moved up to 50 mg. The Dr. told me that they make a tape that goes over the patch but it cost $30 for 12 of them and most pharmacy's don't carry them. I told him I could not afford that so he prescribed it for every 48 hours instead of the 72 hrs. and increased the dosage to 75 mg. The company must have a lot of complaints about the adhesive because it stays on and I have to really pull it off and have adhesive left on the area. My Dr told me when I first started taking it to place it on the thigh area a guess that he thought that would stay on there, but I have better luck with my back and arms. It's different with each person. One person I know places it on the chest area.  I agree Shellshoker that I could not hardly move a year ago and get out some now. (I do prefer this over any other long term time released pain med that I have tired so far).
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I also placed my patches on my chest area - low enough that it would not show above the neckline of my shirts, but high enough that it wasn't stricly on breast tissue.  I had some trouble with the adhesive not sticking too well at first, but my doctor suggested getting some of the clear "surgical type" adhesive tape at Walmart and ONLY taping around the edges of the patch - never over the reservoir area -- and doing that helped greatly - looked a little strange, but oh well, it got the job done and I wasn't losing patches in the bed at night.

I'm no longer on the patch as I started having some severe reactions to it and had to stop, but while I was on it, it worked very well for me - I would still need some narcotics for breakthrough pain, but my need for them was definitely much lower than my need for them had been when I wasn't using the patch.

Getting off the patch when I needed to, however, was nothing short of a nightmare!  I won't go into details, but just know it was horrible and I'm glad I won't ever have to go through that part again.  I'm sure part of the reason I had such a hard time with that, however, is because I had to stop the patches so dramatically because of the adverse reactions I was having - I wasn't able to just wean down off of them slowly.  So again, my experience with that could be very very different from someone else's.
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I have been told that if you contact the manufacturer they will send you, free of charge, a special thin clear adhesive patch that goes over the fentanyl patch. Supposedly this works very well. Again I do not know this to be a fact. Several members told me this sometime ago.  

Yes Geminigirl some ppl do have a heck of a withdrawal from Fentanyl but that can be true of Methadone and so many other opiates. You are right, our systems are all different. What's that old saying, "One man's honey is another man's poison?"

The patch provided very good pain releif for me. However the adhesive actually burned and blistered my body where it was applied. I had huge hives and scattered blisters on my torso also. A reaction not to the drug but to the adhesive. So had it not been for that I would be on the patch also.

You weight the pros with the cons with all medications. Jax I am just so happy that you have something that works on your pain. Not all of us find that.
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How did the adhesive burn your skin? probably just a chemical reaction, hey?  I am still doing good, you what's weird is that all of the side effects I had while I was on other Narcotics, escecially the Oxy, have gone away on the patch, like I don;t mean to be too personal here, but my sex drive is back, I no longer feel emotionally numb,  and I guess the emotional part is not that great of a thing bacause all these emotions that I thought were gone, and feelings that I thought were not there, are coming back to me ten fold, and it;s kinda overwhelming, i'm having a really hard time dealing with some things. I had a really bad night last night cause of it.. does anyone else share this very odd experience?

i;m usually really sensitive when it come to medications, it;s like i;m always that bottom 1% person that has the side effect that is a rare side effect.

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Your symptoms sound like what I went through when I first started the patch.  Suddenly I was on top of the world!  It's a very nice high in the beginning much different then oxy, ms, and I know there was another narc in there somewhere but none compared to the Fent patch.  Like I said atleast I could get out more suddenly.  My one big suggestion is make sure your bowel habits remain good.  If not try one of the laxitive products (my doc recommended miralax which worked great).  I hope you continue to do well with the patch and good luck!
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My husband recently lost his insurance (due to the loss of his job) and has been using the fentanyl patches for several years now due to lower back pain and diabetic neuropathy.  We recently found out that the cost is just under 200 per month and we just don't have it.  Does anyone know of a prescription plan that is affordable?

Also, he uses the 2" paper tape after shaving the area he is going to place the patch on, covers the patch with the tape and he gets a minimum of 3 days out of this process.

He too, was having a problems keeping them attached.  This has been a miracle for him as the week before he started them, he was unable to walk the grocery store or anywhere with me, getting out of bed was quite a chore!  So when they work, they work wonderfully!

The best from our family to yours!
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I would very much like to hear it.  i have a boy friend sex is dead he is a zombei every other day, he takes the patch 75mg every 2 days so the day he don't take it spends the day in bed cause he said he hurts.  honestly he looks like a heroin addict  and he just hates sex  he says he feel nothing but his junk still work???????  and he acts like a real jerk, when he doesn't fall a sleep, does that off and on all day    everyone stays a way from him, i cant sleep up now since 12:30 and its 4:19 am thinking about needs to do something about being on fent. or im gone.  and he knows i will have no trouble replacing him..  we have broke up at least 10 times and i start to date right away but he always found a way to have to see me.  like mess with my computer, hes a genus with them and it pisses me off i have to make come and fix it and i am furious at him.. then he asks can he say and i say no and my pone ring he see a guys name and say that is why u have a date tonight, yes i do. now good by,  but he back the next day i love you i am sorry. then i move in with him cause he moved all my stuff out of my duplex when i was not the to his place.   lost my duplex. a once had an argument with him and he says u have no place go you are corner her   believe or not it is the meds hes on that make him like this ya and part ******* to.  the fent. and the other pain meds make like this, and i was warned by people closest to him, but didn't listen.  i am going to tell him he has to get something else because i don't want a sexless mean man which this makes him.  i think i will be gone soon cause i know he won't give tent up and try something else.  oh he won't take the testosterone shots cream or patch cause he say he might have a stroke. but the doctor say taking that stuff out weights the risk of it happening.  sorry i a going off on you, i am just hurt, mad,and confused    i have tried for 2 years and i am not getting any young,,,,59  
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try Mallinckrodt they work great for me,they are small and stick very good.
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