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Fentynal Patches

I was wondering if Fentynal patches contain even the slightest amount of morphine in them. A friend of mine is dealing with a terminal illness along with terrible pain. They gave him Fentynal patches(heavey guns) and he claims that someone said that they contain just a small amout of Morphine. He has had some eally bad experiences with Morphine and he is scared to use the patch. I told him I would try to ask my new friends on MedHelp first.
Does anyone out there have a clue if this is true?, so he can put his patch on and kill his pain.   Thanks............JimG44
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I'm sorry to hear of your friend's pain and illness.

I don't believe (although I'm not 100% sure as I"m not a pharmacist) that the fentanyl patches contain any morphine.  However, if your friend is concerned or worried that since he's had a bad reaction to morphine that he will also have a bad reaction to the fentanyl, I suggest he ask his pharmacist.  They really are the best ones to be able to tell you for sure what the patches contain and if there should be any concern about a possible cross-reaction with his past history of morphine problems.

I wish you both the best of luck.
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This thread is close to a year old. The OP has not been active for sometime, at least not in the Pain Management Forum.

If you wish to reach someone or make a comment on what they wrote on an old thread, it's usually best to send them a direct PM. Please avoid posting on our old threads.

But please do feel free to be active in our Forum.

Thanks Much,
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Fentynal (duragesic) patch is in fact pushing opiates into your system through you skin. I have personal knowledge that this transdermal entry does not affect me as an intravenous shot because its a hot shot not delivered over several hours and virtually non-invasive. Make sure you have an epipen in case you have a reaction.   Opiates are not all created equal and neither are patches.
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its a narcotic  a very effective drug for paincontrol it is great for cancer pain use it.May make him dizzy for couple days,constipated but great drug happy smiley time I am a hospice nurse !!!!
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