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Fibromyalgia management

Hi all- I am a 27 year old female suffering from a very severe case of fibromyalgia. It has left me bed ridden for weeks at a time and when the flare ups are bad nothing works. I have prescriptions for morphine and oxycodone but on bad days they don't touch the pain.  I can't do massages because the fibro pressure points are too painful to be touched. I've tried everything- countless medications, light exercise when I'm not bed ridden, smoking pot, change in my diet, hell I even allowed someone who was convinced I had demons to perform and exorcism.  The point is I am open to anything- just preferably something not too expensive as I am out of work. Has anyone else been dealing with this? What do you do to help with the pain? Or to help stay positive.  My anxiety and depression have gotten much worse because of things and I am just looking for ways to cope.. Thanks for reading :)
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Try exercising in a pool.  I had to start by walking a lap in the pool and slowly building up endurance.  Hard to do, I know.  I've been in a terrible flare-up since January and it's really geting to me.
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I will def try that. It's hard to force yourself to do anything when you feel awful, even when ou know what's best.  I'm sorry to hear about your flare up.  Do you mind me asking what types of meds you take for it?
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I'm sorry you are having so much trouble with your fibromyalgia and the myriad problems it's causing you. I can relate to the trying of every known medication under the sun. My only advice is to maybe find a good physiatrist  (not psychiatrist), as they can deal not only with your fibromyalgia, but try to treat the WHOLE person, hopefully improving your quality of life substantially. The only other thing is to maybe switch your current opiate regimen with some different types in order to deal with tolerance issues. My pain management doctor switches mine around on an as needed basis. It helps me alot. We also switch nerve pain drugs somewhat frequently- say from lyrica back to neurontin, etc..  Hope you get some type of relief soon, GOOD LUCK,
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Also try acupuncture, it helped me, although the results were only short-term. As you know even short-term pain relief can be a godsend though! Some people have told me that biofeedback and hypnosis has helped them a lot. Good luck with everything-again!
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