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I think one of the reasons I'm so down lately is that it seems that in addition to all my issues with my hand, I seem to be having flare-ups with other things as well.  The arthritis in my left hand that started my journey with the surgeries was so bad the bones were all cracked and broken.  The surgeon had said he never saw anything like it in someone my age.  But the other hand was nearly equally as painful.  The arthritis is also in my right hip, a bit in my knees and back, and probably a few other spots to a lesser degree.

I also was diagnosed with fibromyalgia over ten years ago.  My initial flare-up with it was very bad.  But it's been really good for the past several years.  So much so that I wondered if I really had it.

Lately, though, it seems everything is acting up.  When I first started taking narcotics for my left hand, it helped with the discomfort and pain in my other hand and hip.  But over the past month or so, those areas have been painful as well.  Getting in and out of the car and doing the stairs really kill me.

And the fibromyalgia seems to be in a flare-up as well.  Seems like a moderate flare-up.  All my trigger points are acting up and I've been fatigued, but I can't really get great sleep.  (Which for me is really important.)  I do take Ambien, though I've sort of laid off it a bit, just because I don't want to be dependent on that as well as the other meds I take.  I did take one last night, though, because I felt like if I was to get a great night's sleep maybe I'd feel a bit better.

Not too much better today though.  I feel the typical symptoms most fibro patients feel.  Achy and sore and just overall feeling pretty blah.

I'm so grateful that I was able to throw such a great party for my daughter on Friday night.  Everything was perfect, from the food to the centerpieces to the music and the guests.  And I didn't stress myself out.  I ordered everything.  My family and a couple of friends helped with the decorating and picking up of food and getting things in the oven and outside.  I realized that if I tried to do it all myself (which I normally do) I'd be in bad shape for quite a while.  But this time, I didn't micro-manage things, and it all turned out perfectly.

I'm going to email the nurse practitioner and see if I can get in to see her and see what she thinks.  I need to get out of this flareup, at least for a bit.  For me, when I do have a flareup of things, it seems very difficult to break the cycle.

Thanks to everyone here who's been so helpful.  This forum is a God send.  I told a good friend with CP about it because she feels very much like I do; very isolated and alone.  I hope she comes on and gets the support that I know could help her.
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I'm sorry you're having a tough time right now.  I, too, have a really hard time trying to break the cycle when I go into a flare.  Like anything else dealing with CP, it's quite often a process of trial and error to see what is going to work - if even only for a short time.

I think you're right on in trying to get in to see your doc or nurse practitioner.  She may have some ideas up her sleeve to try and get you some relief.  It may mean an increase in pain meds, even if only for a while - or even the addition of a different med.  But don't just let her shrug you off and say something like "you're going to have flares with fibro and arthritis, so you're just going to have to deal with it'.

I'm glad you didn't try to do everything yourself for your daughter's party.  It could be that, even though you had lots of help and didn't feel stressed about it, maybe you did overdo it some and that could be adding to your current flare.  With me, sometimes a flare won't show up the day of or the day after I've tried to do too much, but will begin even a couple of days later - it's kind of like when my body has finally begun to relax from overdoing it, then the flare kicks in.

It's not too surprising to me that even though you took your Ambien last night that you don't feel too much better today - I'm sure your sleeping problems have been more than one night's worth, so it will probably take at least several nights of GOOD sleep before you may possibly notice a change from it.  Think of it this way - you can't go without sleep for 24-36 hours and then expect to be fully recharged in just 6-8 hours.

Definitely get in to see your doc or NP and be sure to tell them exactly how you've been feeling and how your pain and fatigue have increased so much.  don't leave anything out.

I wish you the best of luck - please keep us informed as to how you're doing.

Gentle ((hugs))
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Thanks, Robyn.  You made some great points.  Especially about the sleep.  I think I'll take the Ambien for a few more nights.  I don't usually take it every night, but it might be more than worth it to try to establish a good sleep pattern again.

I'm definitely going to touch base with the NP.  I've already sent her an email with some of my thoughts.  Hopefully I can get in on Tuesday.  She's pretty good about squeezing me in, even if it means her having to come in a bit early.  Thank God I hit the right pain clinic my first go round.  When I hear about the horror stories people have endured ... years of searching for a diagnosis and help; being told it's all in your head ... I feel very fortunate.  I have an excellent primary care doc, and even though she doesn't oversee my pain issues, she was the one who diagnosed my fibro initially.  She is absolutely brilliant.  

Thanks for the thoughts and support.  It is so appreciated.

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Robyn made some excellent points especially about the sleep. Since you have the Ambien you should most definitely take it to help[ you get a really good night's sleep. One thing that you might consider doing since you are thinking about changing your meds anyway is talk to your NP about switching from the regular Ambien to the Ambien CR which is not as addictive as the regular Ambien. I take that, I switched about 2 years ago. I have no problems going without them and still being able to fall asleep. Thought I would throw that out since you showed "some" concern. :)

I know what you mean about feeling Lucky about getting in with a great Pain Clinic the first time out. I feel EXACTLY the same way. I just wish that ALL of us were as lucky!!

Please be sure and update us after your appointment...Sherry
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