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Generic Fentanyl

There are two types of generic Fentanyl and at least one of you claims that one is superior to the other. Which one is the better of the two? My doctor is probably going to let me try the patches over the methadone and I just want to be sure.

It amazes me how much knowledge we all have accumulated and outside of these boards so much of it is wasted. I'm so glad this place exists and I found it. :)  
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Hi Stricklyforpain: I have used a couple forms of the Generic Patch and I have to tell you that there is a huge diference. I was getting the Patch by Sandoz which was working great and then the Pharmacy decided that Sandoz was too expensive and restocked the shelves with the Mylan Patch. After refilling my scrip with the Mylan I had noticed over the next day that I had increased pain and felt fluish. I brushed it off  and chocked it up to me just not feeling good. After putting  the next patch on I had noticed the samething going on and reaized that the patch was not preforming like the Sandoz. I called my Doc and told him what was going on and he thought it was odd but re-wrote the scrip. The Pharmacy ordered the Sandoz patch for me so I gave the Mylan back. I began feeling better within hours. So there is a difference. Sandoz is gel filled and the Mylan is not. I think it makes a difference in the amount of Medicine getting to the skin.

I hope this was helpful. Take care, Mollyrae
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There are two types, the ones that are gell filled (duragesic) and the mylan patches which are just flat.  Between the two, the gell filled ones are much better and last longer.  the mylan ones you are lucky to get 52 hours out of.  
That being said, be careful with the patches.  If you ever want to w/d from them be prepared for a horrible experience!!  Not only will you have the flu on steriods for over 10 days, but afterwards the lack of energy and the depression, mood swings etc..  can last 6 months up to a year!  
Good luck.
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Thanks for the education. I tried the patch and had a heck of a time with it. I did not realize there was such a difference. I have to go look and see which one I had but I bet it was not Duragesic.

Thanks guys...I learn every day. I am glad I don't face the flu on steriods...lol!!!
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Hi Rex---please be sure you need to have the opiate pain help before you embark on this merry go round.
Yes the pain is bad..Been there- done that- got the T shirt.  
But, as you have read on these boards, should you ever need/want to go off the opiate care, you will have a he11 of a time.
I do know how frustrating it can be to be in pain, look ok, have no one understand that you just can't function right now....All here know it.
But-also=look at the people who are going off opiates and the misery they are going thru.  Look at what it has done to MY body in just 5 years.
My pain doc never told me about the poterntial for bone loss when I started, and of course patient boards like this one were barely existing as listserves back then when the internet was shiny and new (10 years ago).
Assess your situation and make an informed decision -
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January has some excellent advise. Only take the opiate route after all other options have been exausted. It really is a big decision........allthough it helps in your everyday life, it also has it's down sides..........

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