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Getting tramadaol prescription filled online

I have been using tramadol since ages and I am now out of it just because my doctor thinks that I am getting addicted to it so he has prescribed me Tapentadol, But it is not working for me at all. Is there a way I can get it prescribed online and get it I do have an old prescription, If that can help and get me a new one along with my medication. Please help me I am in real pain. Because of this I have increased my depression pills.
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If you were to find an online prescription for tramadol, you would still be subject to random urine screens, and doing that could not only get you dismissed, but also blacklisted at pharmacies, and in the states opiate database, meaning no medical professionals or pharmacists will fill any scheduled medications from any doctor or dentist.
In most states it is illegal to order tramadol  or other scheduled drugs online, and it could result in bigger problems legally.
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But I know that there are people who are taking it from a very long time and still they have not been into any problem, but still my question is that why can't I get it prescribed by an online doctor, I heard they do surgery over internet, this is least what I am seeking.
I visited this link they say that it is illegal to buy medication from internet without prescription but I have a prescription and it will be renewed, Also they have all the other medication on the list but not tramadol.
It ALSO says it's illegal to obtain an online prescription via those online doctors. If you read the entire article, it says tramadol is a schedule 2 medication which requires an IN PERSON, PHYSICAL face to face in office visit to obtain the prescription for scheduled meds.
I answered this a few times now. FEDERAL Law says it is illegal to obtain Tramadol from an online doctor. It is a scheduled drug, therefore REQUIRES an IN PERSON office visit to obtain a legal prescription.
Ordering it online is illegal, obtaining it through through an online doctor is illegal.
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