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Greensboro NC,looking 4 good pain Dr

I get my pain meds from my primary dr, but past few years he is scared of government crackdown, even though I have proof that I really need strong meds, and can not get enough to do much for the pain... Have went to pain clinic, but that was a circus show..

Is there anyone close to me in GREENSBORO NC THAT HAS A GOOD DR THEY WOULD RECOMEND ?????
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Hi spnorthcarolina.  :)      

I'm really sorry but we do not recommend PM (Pain Management) Doctor's on any MH (MedHelp) Community.

If your not happy with your PM Clinic then you need to ask to be referred to a different Clinic and Doctor.

We are all CP ( Chronic Pain ) Patients that help each other battle our daily pain and any questions we may have by giving our support and whatever knowledge we have obtained over the past few years in helping each other thru daily pain that we've encountered.  If we can help you in anyway along those lines we'd be happy to.  :)

Best wishes.
                               .........      Sherry   :)
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There's one other thing you might try.  If you look up PM Doctor's on your computer and read their respective reviews and see if you can get a referral to the one you like the best then you might be able to get an appointment or at least possibly get your Doctor to refer you to one of them.

Again, I wish you the best.
                              .........       Sherry    :)
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I wanted to add that, UNFORTUNATEL, what you are experiencing is getting to be the norm here in the United States.  Our PCP's (Primary Care PPhysicians) are petrified to hand out any pain meds to any pain patients anymore.  Our members here on MH are even finding that their PM Doctor's are starting to be frightened of giving out pain medication.  Some of us are fortunate s enough to still have a PM Doctor that is willing to help m us but our pain is VERY well documented thru X-rays, MRI's, etc. or they won't help either.

You never mentioned what type of pain you are experiencing.  Would you mind sharing that with us?  We might be able to help you with alternative ideas for approaching your pain if we knew what you are going thru.

I HOPE you get the help that you need.   As I said earlier in my post above, I hope you will update us on how you are doing.  Good luck.  
                              ........        Sherry   :)
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Sherry gave you great suggestions, as she always does.  I think a lot of people run into what you're experiencing with your primary care doctor.  My dad's primary care will prescribe pain meds for a short period of time but anything longer than a month or so she likes patients to go to a pain management doctor.

I just thought I'd add that when you're looking at pain management doctors think about the kind of practice that will best suit your type of pain.  In the beginning of my pain management journey my pain clinic had a whole team of people from nurses to nurse practitioners, doctors and anesthesiologist a.  They offered a wide range of treatments from cortisone shots, different kinds of infusions and blocks in addition to pain meds.  The other benefit to this type of practice is if your doctor or NP is on vacation another doctor doesn't have a problem writing your script for you.

My dad ran into a problem once when his primary care was on vacation and he needed a refill before she returned.  The covering doctor really didn't want to write for the refill even though she clearly had access to his records.  The doctor only filled it after calling his primary care at home.

Good luck in your search.  If you like your primary care doctor, you can probably trust that whoever they recommend will be a good type of practice for your type of pain.
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Welcome to our Pain Management Forum. I'm glad you found us and took the time to post. I am sorry to learn about your situation. Sadly it's one that many of us have found ourselves in too.

I wish I could help you. Searching for a caring, compassionate medical provider that isn't frightened by the opiate phobic climate that exists today can be very challenging.

Most PCP do not RX opiates. The DEA wants all medical practitioners to have additional training and education in pain management - before they RX opiates. The documentation requirements can be time consuming and tricky. The DEA closely monitors those who prescribe opiates.

When you search as Sherry suggested - look for a PMP that posts a Pain Contract. Usually those are the PMP that will RX opiates. Some PMP are no more than Shot Jocks - they make their money by repeating injection after injection - inserting SCS (Spinal Cord Stimulators) or other such treatments and never RX an opiate. That's all good if those approaches are effective in managing your pain.

I have read fairly recent posts from members in NC. I hope one of them will see your post and respond.

I wish you well and hope you'll keep in touch. We learn from one another - and our community is supportive. Good luck our friend in pain.

Take Care,
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Online physician rating sites are a start.

Searching for PM providers is another strategy.

Does NC have a pain society? How about a med society covering your underlying cause for psin. for a list of members. Advocacy groups like USPF can help with lists of resources.

How about AAPM or APS? Their site(s) has lists of resources.

Try this link and use the site to explore docs in your area.


It covers Medicare clinicians in 2013 but its a start. If you open a doc's name or Schedule D info, you can discover the percentage of opiate Rx.

Any pain support groups through senior centers? Or through state medicaid?

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