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i have had a lot of pain through the years in my back, same pain, just gets worse and worse.  everytime that i go to the doctor, they tell me all my pain is is a UTI. 5 years later- the pain hasnt stopped no matter how many antobiotics i get on & the pain has found its way to my abdominal. my pain is so sever i get an eye twitch!!! i  went to the dr last night and had a contrast CT scan done and stil he says its a UTI. I CANT BELIEVE THAT ALL MY PAIN IS IS JUST A UTI!! i need other ideas plz!! what else can it be????
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what are ur other symptoms of this...i looked it up but i would like to compare. and the pain and ur flare ups ur have, what does each part feel like? especially ur legs?
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I was getting diagnosed with UTI's since I was a baby. Just over the summer I finally found out it's never been UTI's I found out I actually have IC "painful bladder syndrome". I get pain everywhere when I have a flare up, my back, my legs, I throw up. You should look into it, it has a lot of different symptoms.
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I realize that you are both very frustrated with the process, and in a great deal of pain. It is difficult to remain patient when feeling this way.

No one here can challenge your doctor's diagnosis. We don't have the information or the training. If you believe that your pain is not caused by a UTI, then you are free to seek a second opinion.

But first, I want you to understand that your urinary system includes two kidneys, two ureters that connect the each kidney to the bladder, a urinary bladder and urethra. These organs reside within the lower abdomen, both in back (the kidneys) and in front (the bladder). If your infection is extraordinarily noxious, UTIs can spread to the bladder, ureters, and kidneys, causing a great deal of abdominal pain, front and back.

I imagine that your doc made his diagnosis on physical findings, including a CBC, urinalysis, and perhaps a urine culture. The white blood cell count in the CBC would indicate a systemic infection, the urinalysis might show white blood cells and proteins in the urine, and the culture may identify the specific bacteria that's bothering you. Your doctor may have used all of these findings to make his diagnosis.

I imagine that you've been prescribed urinary antibiotic, or a sulpha antimicrobial agent like Septra DS. Take this medication as directed and see if your pain does not go away within a few days. This will confirm whether or your doctor's diagnosis.

If the medication doesn't help, get back to your doctor pronto and lean on him for another answer. Remember, you are always free to find another doctor who better satisfies you. I hope that you find relief quickly.

Best wishes.
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