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Had drug in test I never took

I have been in pain management for 3 years never had a failed urine test. My last appointment my Dr. said a Opiate Blocker should up in my test.? I take opiates for pain why would I take a blocker. I had a test 2 weeks later & it was clean.? How can that happen?? She said she can’t give me another script but I can go to another pain management. It’s not right I’m getting blamed and punished for something I didn’t take. Is there anyway to fight this. Thank you
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I'm sorry to hear this. I have read this from others. They swear they never took anything and yet it shows up mysteriously and they get kicked out of their clinic. Did they tell you specifically what showed up? An opiate blocker, is that an opiate antagonist, actually? Just trying to clarify. The names I have of drugs that are opiate antagonists are methylnaltrexone, nalbuphine, nalmefene, nalorphine, naloxone, naltrexone, and nalorphine.  I have read that false positives happen. If you have the money, I'd check with a lawyer. This is ashame you are left without care.
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Hi, thanks for your response.  I think it was nalmefene. Not positive. I never heard of any of these. It’s just crazy. Why would I take a opiate Black or if I’m on opiates to help my pain. If anything I would just not take the Percocet.  The only other thing I could think of is I didn’t have $250. To renew my medical marijuana card. My friend did give me some of hers. It’s legal here so I didn’t think it was wrong. I told her when I did it. I now have my card. I’m just so confused how this happened.
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The problem now is the length of time from the first test to the second. Typically most medications taken only show up for a certain. Time frame- depending on the medication.
The drug that showed up is typically administered in the hospital or by EMS as the result of a suspected overdose.
It is typically administered by vein- or in rare circumstances intrnasally.
At this point there is no way to clear or repeat the test that showed it or validate the follow up test since it would have cleared your system by the time the second test was administered.
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Compliance testing and screening are routine in pain management practices- as well as testing for illegal substances , alcohol, or other medications not prescribed to you.
It is EXTREMELY important for any patient to ensure that their urine test sample does not leave your possession until it is labeled and placed in the biohazard bag for processing.
If you took Suboxone or subutex, that would cause a positive result for an opiate blocker.
When testing for compliance or other substances- different opiates break down into specific metabolites in your body- the testing measures those metabolites to ensure you are taking medications exactly as prescribed.
Typically if there is a questionable result- the sample is retested using gas chromatography and mass. Spectrometry to confirm the result.
Metabolites are only present for a set time frame- which would explain why you were negative later.
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I didn’t take Suboxone or anything. That’s why I’m so upset. I don’t understand how this could happened.
I understand unfortunately at this point there is no way to prove a false negative. The original sample would have been disposed of and the length of time between the first and second test  was too long.
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