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Had surgery on Monday

Hello community,

Thank you for being a place to reach out for help.

I've had chronic pain since I was about 19 years old. I'm 41 now and just had 2 kidney stone surgeries  within the last six months. This last one was on Monday the 14th and I had a vasectomy to boot with the surgery. I'm having pain thats unbearable. I was given 2 different prescription painkillers and neither of them is working. The stent is causing me non-stop pain to the point of not sleeping or eating much since Monday. And my testicles are swollen so much  that they're both indistinguishable now and it looks like one giant ball.
can anyone offer advice as to how I should go forward from here?
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I would ask for a morphine pump to manage the pain tad needed. Also, sounds like you have developed an infection and might need antibiotics.
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Hello Underdog,

Welcome to our Pain Management Community. I am sorry to hear that you are experiencing uncontrolled pain. My heart goers out to you.

Lets talk about your pain first. If you've had Chronic Pain since 19 and have recently been on opiate therapy to manage that pain - you may be a bit opiate tolerant. Simply put they opiates ordered are not at a high enough dosage to control your pain adequately. That's one possibility.

I doubt any physician is going to order a morphine pump for out patient surgeries. However you may need an increase in meds - or a complementary med to help reduce your SX (symptoms).

I've had stents in my ureters - I assume that's what you're talking about when you say stents. They were not painful but they were uncomfortable. It's concerning that the stent is causing you so much pain.

Swelling and pain in the testes is normal the first 48-72 hours following a vasectomy. Are you applying an ice bag and avoiding strenuous activity? If not I encourage you to do so.

Please contact the surgeon that preformed the vasectomy. He/she needs to know the level of your pain. As said above a possible infection should be r/o (ruled out).

I'm sorry you are experiencing so much pain. If I am understanding your post correctly you are just beginning your second day - or two days post-op -  they don't normally count the actual day you had surgery. Try that ice bag and please call your physician.

I hope you'll let us know how you are doing. I'll look forward to hearing from you again soon.

Best of Luck - and Take Care,

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I'd also like to provide you with additional MedHelp Communities where you may also post your question.


Kidney Stones:

Men's Health:

You may find ppl in these community that have actually had the surgeries you underwent. I manufacture Kidney Stones like some ppl grow hair. :0) But I haven't had to have them broken up or surgically removed - yet!

I have also treated patients post-op vasectomy (including my husband) but obviously I haven't had a one. You may discover men in one of the above communities that have personal experience with a vasectomy.

I hope something I have offered will be of help.

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Hello UnderDog and Welcome!

I'm sorry you have to be in this situation. You're a strong person for being put into so much and you're still striving and for that I salute your courage. First of all what did the doctors say when you told them the aftermath of the surgery? You see, most of the time pain killers do the trick but if the pain hadn't subside even a little bit then that's a cause for concern that your health care provider should look into. Also what did they say about your swollen testicles? Is it a side-effect of the surgery? They should be able to tell you what to do.

Tuckamore has provided with very knowledgeable insights and it's something you should consider. I also would like to include some natural methods such as meditation and relaxation exercises to help you with the pain and sleeping problems. Most people neglect to see the effectiveness of such methods but I can assure you that those  things really does work. I hope you get well soon.
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