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Hard lump on bottom left foot?

I am a 14 year old girl. And there is this lump on the ball of my left foot aligned with my middle toe. It is about the size of a pencil eraser and is kind of painful when I walk. Not a sharp pain, just a sore ache. It seems to be covered in callous now, but before that I pricked it with a needle and poured peroxide on it. Sure enough, it fizzed up due to infection. I imagine it would do the same now, but it's hard to get to because of all the tough skin over it. The top is kind of rough, and the whole thing is very firm. Maybe this is a plantar wart? They're known to grow inwards underneath callous. Also, I have two more little... Things. One is on the same foot on the ball below my big toe. This one is a tiny little circle that is a bit dark in the middle. It kind of looks like an indent after stepping on a small stone, but it has been there for a couple days. It doesn't hurt, I just noticed it when looking at the larger one. And the last little one is on my right foot, same position as the other: below my big toe. This one just started to hurt a bit today. It's like a little hole, covered with skin. Are all of these plantar warts? Should I have a doctor remove them? I'm scheduled to go and have my doctor take a look at them next week. I would wait and see if they went away on their own, but I have marching band and the big one is really painful for roll steps. Any thoughts? Any recommendations for treatment/pain relief? Thank you!!
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I'm glad you are being seen by your physician to have that lump evaluated. Please don't use a needle or anything to pick at it in the meantime. That alone can cause an infection - which obviously you want to avoid.

Ouch, Marching Band! I was in Marching Band in HS and know how painful your feet can become when you don't have a "bump" on them, let alone in your situation.

Some band-aids are cushioned and if you can keep one on it might help. Another thought is adding a cushion to the foot bed of your shoes or whatever it is that you wear. Some cushions are jel-filled and can be comfortable if you get the right fit. This may help avoid the pressure those hurtful areas are going to receiving while you're marching - or even while ambulating.

If you see any signs of infection, like your foot gets hot or red, or you have a smelly drainage from the area on your foot be sure and tell your parents or a responsible adult asap.

What you describe does sound like a Plantar Wart - and they can spread. Remember that Plantar Warts are spread from person to person. The transmission can be indirect. Be sure and wear shower shoes if you take showers in the same area as others. They are harmless but a nuisance and as you have discovered can be painful.

If you've done your research as it sounds like you have you know that A Plantar Wart caused by a viral infection in the top layer of the skin. The culprit is a strain of virus called human papillomavirus or HPV.  Most everyone will have one in their lifetime.

Please let us know how your appt turns out.

Best of Luck,
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