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Help! I need to find a new dr!

I have been seeing the same pain management Dr. for about 5 years and they changed the law in the state of fla so that I can't get my scrips filled unless I live in the county my Dr. is in. I could get a fake id but I don't want to break the law. I can't find another Dr. that will write the scripts I get in this county. I have numerous things wrong with me, a really bad back, scoliosis, MS, sciatica, I was in 2 comas and died 5 times (the comas were not drug related at all!)  I had double pnumonia and didn't go to the Dr. I have two teenage boys I have to keep up with.  Does anyone know a Dr. that will take care of me in the Gainesville area?  Every time I change Dr.s they have to try to try new meds and put me through physical therapy again, etc  My doctor now has me stable and I don't want to fix what is working . Can anyone please help!!!!! Thanks for helping!
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I don't have much advice to give you as I know it is hard in Fl right now for chronic pain patients.  I live in Colorado so I don't have any info as far as doctors go that reside in your county and it sounds like you have contacted all of them within your county to no satisfaction.  Someone who lives in your state may private message you so check your inbox when you log in.

Does this new law apply to mail order pharmacies as well?  If your current doctor will still write your scripts, you can send the hard copies off to Medco or Express Scripts or similar company and they will ship your medications to your door.  In my state, mail order pharmacies can fill a 90 day supply of Schedule II medications but it may be hard getting your physician to write for so many pills.  But if he is willing to do that, it could save you some hassle as you would only have to mail your scripts off 4x a year instead of 12x a year.

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