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Help Please Failed Drug Test Again !!!! In Shock

My new doctor is putting me under so much stress , I just started him at the pain clinic and he been doing drug test very time I go and the last 3 three he has down he says that I FAILED them . There No way I would dare take something and take a chance to be cut out of what I am on . Ok I was on Morphine in Jan had been on that for over a year then he put me on dulidid for 2 weeks to try 4 a day well they didn't not work so what I did not take I took them back to him . Then he switched me to Oxycontin 30 mg and Percerts 5 mg he gave me a drug test with mouth swab he said I had morphine, by this time it should been out of been out of my system it had been a month . Then I go back yesterday he says to me u have morphine in your system I like to have flipped and I ask him to let me see the drug test he went got it started reading  like he had not even read it that's the way it looked . Then he says well it looks like it about gone which really I think he did not see that at all do not think it said that . Oh by the way I never saw the drug test . Then he goes on says to me well u have Hydrodone in your system I was about to cry because I knew I had not took nothing just what he gave me . He said it says u had it in your system in Feb and in March well he never said a word about this before .. I need some help please how do I find out how these test are coming back wrong ? Can taking 2 goody powders a day cause them to test wrong know that sounds crazy but that all I can think of that I have took . I know oxycontin and percet has the same in it oxycondone . My doctor says if anything in my system he going cut me off next month got be pure scared even of a vitamin . Is there a site that tells how drug test in a swab works ? I heard someone told me the drug break down into other drugs not sure what they meant . Does anyone know ? I was thinking about  calling a lab and ask them to do a test but not sure if they would . Are maybe do a urine test I do not trust this kind am doing . I am in a wheelchair have awful pain this is really effect me to have to deal with a doctor look at me like I am not being honest . When I take my bottles in they have every pill in them they post to have never not one short if I wanted to take a extra one when I am in lot of pain would take one of them not a drug that would get me in trouble ... Any site would be helpful and info at all ... Please excuse writing in a lot of pain . . God Bless !!!
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OK, Angel,

First, I think your new pain doctor is a fool to use the same test, month after month, to confirm a positive result. It is not good science. If one test shows a positive, then you need a different test to confirm -- you know, to test the test.

Also, have you told your primary doctor about the problems you are having at this new pain clinic? I think he/she would be interested to know and may be able to support you. If you have a long history of opiate-analgesic use without any problems with compliance, and now you're having trouble with one and only one clinic, then your doctor may be able to draw the proper conclusion as to where the problem lies.

As requested, here are two links I found in a prior post from March 26, about drug testing that may help you. (If you look back a few pages, you'll find others who are in the same boat.)

Best wishes.

-This article discusses the possible inaccuracies and outside factors that can affect your drug screen results. It reports that most doctors, including pain doctors, are not educated on the ins-and-outs of drug screening.


The next second article discusses how something as simple as OTC cough suppressant can result in a false positive on your test, and that after the occurrence of a false positive drug screen, a follow up test using not urine, but blood, hair, or saliva should be used to confirm the positive result.


Good luck.
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Thanks for all the info and taking out the time to write me  . I went to the links you sent me be honest that's over my head don't understand what they are saying . I have a doctor app. Thu and scared to death it should be that way my first time dealing with this . I went to family doctor I just started a couple months ago started there because my old doctor was so far away . I asked them to please so a drug test a couple weeks ago so I could take with me and they started to then said it cost 40.00 which I was willing to pay then they said we need a reason . I just want find something says that oxycondone and Hydrodone is a like in someway . I have searched and searched can not find anything just saw where others had test come out like mine . God Bless you !!!
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Just a thought- a local gal who the hospital drug tested as she was having a baby, won $200K suit after they had her arrested, baby turned over to foster care! She had eaten poppy seed muffin or bagel! They will show as opiates in a test! Boy did that hospital knock off drug testing a mom in labor, which is outrageous anyway! Stay away from poppy seed foods before appt. They'll show as opiates, which all narcotic pain meds are & could make the levels in your system appear really high, thus Dr just naming off all kinds of opiates, as opiates are showing way higher for what your med would be. ??? I just know the druggies have made it awful for those of us who are actually ill! Let them overdose, whatever, they're going to if they want to regardless of "laws " and start treating we who want to get better,  not high! One can't get high if in big pain. The meds go to the pain, not the head! Wish med community would get it's act together. It's tough enough to get to the doctor, let alone all this other crap, little attention to improving the disease /injury, obsessed with finding addicts!
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These tests are much more specific.
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thanks for all your help . I go tomorrow to doctor truth is am scared when I should have to be .
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