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Help With Right Quadrant Pain & Fever

I have been suffering with this right quadrant pain that radiates to the lower back for sometime now. It gets almost unbearable when lying flat on my back. Not only does the right quadrant hurt with a sharp pain but have a low grade fever of 2 weeks that is presistant. Just recently I have been unable to urinate and have had major fluid retention as a result. I was ultimately Catheterized twice in one day at the ER. The fluid retention has since subsided and I am urinating normally. Since an appendicitis had been ruled out, the Doctors thought an ultrasound of the tummy was necessary, That was uneventful.

My PCP thought it may be a pulled muscle but I strongly disagree. I have been asked if I drink alcohol which I do not. I have no answers to this mystery and it's not getting any better.

Any suggestions? Please help.

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Have the checked your gallbladde?
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Yes the Doc's did check it. I'm hopeing that the Doctor here on MH will chime in.

Thanks mary :)
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I'm assuming they did a "blood workup" while you were in the Er right? I was thinking an infection of some sort. It would show up in your blood as a high white blood cell count. Just a thought. Otherwise, I have no ideas, I'm stumped. It's something that's concerning though. The ER people just sent you home like this? I don't know what to say..........Keep on being a "squeeky wheel" until someone figures it out. That's what i would do in your shoes. Good luck.
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Having problems with urination can be from urinary tract infections and kidney stones.

When there is a kidney stone you will not know that you have one at all.  But when it starts to move, it causes a lot of problems, not only severe pain, but water work infections.

Fluid retention can be from kidney or heart problems as well as from premenstrual tension.

As you had been catheterized, I presume that you did have a urinary problem of some sort because of you not being able to urinate.  Did they ever do scans on your kidney and bladder?  Some stones can be so minute like a grain of sand, that they do not show up on scans or xrays.  There are 4 different type of kidney stones, so it depends which type you have as to whether if shows up on the different investigatory techniques (scan, xray, mri, dye xray).

Make sure you drink plenty of water 2-3 litres throughout the day and if you start to feel ill again, go back to your doctor with a urine sample.

Best wishes.
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Thanks everyone. I have had almost all those things ruled out. Here's one though...

Has anyone heard that Hormone depletion can cause these symptoms? Maybe menopause?
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I never or have heard anyone experiencing the pains you mention being from a hormone depletion or being on the menopause.

You do get mood swings, headaches, loss of concentration, menstrual irregularities, and dreadful night sweats as well hot flushes (hot flashes) with the menopause.  Some women sail through it better than others.
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It could also be gall stones, they don't always show up on tests either. Did they do a "hidda" (spelling) scan on you? If they asked you if you were a drinker, they probably were thinking pancreatitis or whatever its called. Good luck to you, let us know when you figure it out. P.s I am not a doctor or medical professional, this is just my opinion and throwing out some idea's that might help. Don't give up, like Shinty said, be the squeaky wheel.
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Hey everyone,

Since my old Doctor could not help me, I saw a new Doctor on Wed. He went to town and ordered many tests. I just received them after a long chat with my Doctor and I am devastated.

My Hepatitis C is back with raging levels. I had been in remission and managed to clear my body of this horrible disease last April. It was also discovered that the Polycythemia is back which is secondary to the Hep. My thyroid is malfunctioning with low levels and top of that, I am going through menopause. This couldn't get any uglier.

I will have to keep my mind busy today so that i can just get through the day.

Thanks everyone for your comments. It sure meant a lot to me.
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Molly, I am so sorry to hear that. The one thing is at least now you know whats going on and hopefully can get you back in remission soon. I will say a prayer for you.
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Glad to know that at least you have got to the bottom of what is causing all your problems, so that now you can be treated appropriately.

Sorry to hear that you have these problems and wish you a speedy recovery.

With the menopause this can take a number of years before the change is complete.

Best wishes.
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