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Help finding Pain Dr in Los Angeles!

     So I just moved to Los Angeles (Venice to be exact) from Florida for work.  And yes im talking about south florida ft. lauderdale/broward county I mean the places where you watch documentaries about pill mills and how they are just out of control in florida!  Well its almost all true but you dont want to go to some crappy grimey one just to get maxed out prescriptions because 90% of the time the DEA is gonna bust in and take all your files and arrest your Dr and then your screwed unless your a drug dealer and just use it for money but im in pain severe pain and need to be able to be consistantly on my meds or else i cant bend over or get out of bed.  When they shut down it stinks because you have no proof youve ever been prescribed the medication and they dont accept pharmacy print outs because the pharmacies down there wont give them to you(and if they do they will print out everything but your narcotics) they are the pharmacists are the rudest people i have ever met in my life down there.  I mean i know im younger but i had been going to the same pharmacy for over 2 years every month the pharmacists would call and ask if i was getting the sam meds or if it was trying something different.  She would help me come up with questions to ask my dr about mixing certain meds to not make me so drowzy or nautious she was great. Then one day i show up and there was a new girl in the pharmacy and she said they had changed stores and i hand her my prescription for my oxycondone 30 mg which i had gotten for years i had even gotten way more powerful medication and she looks at it and hands it right back to me and goes sorry no we dont cary this, and i said mame i come here every month and susan even called me two weeks ago when she was placing the order to order it for me please look me up in the file.  And im talking i used to bring this whole pharmacy staff donuts and star buck gift cards we loved each other they looked out for me and i looked out for them and my parents loved them because at the time i was staying at there house and she would make my parents walk in to get my prescription even though i was in my 20's haha.  So i tell her that she needs to double check becauses i know its there and she looks at me dead in my eyes and goes i will never give this to you and i know i have it but im not giiving it to you and i was like why and she goes because i dont feel comfortable.  I was wearing a neck brace and in an electric wheel chair.  i hate those people in florida they were so rude. So anyways i moved her about a month a half ago and the Dr that i had been seeing for 4-5 yeas worte me two prescribtions so i can settle down and not have to worry about jumping right in to finding a new Dr.  So now its been a month and a half and i have about two weeks or less left of medication and im startng to freak out.   Right now im prescribed 150 oxycodone 30 mg and then some other stuff to help with my back spasms and nerves (IB profin 800mg, Neurotin 300mg, Colace 100mg) and stuff because i am seriousy injured.  I have been presribed and tried Feytenall sublingal stick lollipop looking things 1200mcg, feytenall patches, Oxycontin 40, 60, and 80 mg , i have been prescribed morphine in liquid form that you squirt under your tongue and the Ms Contin 100mg morphine pills, ive also been rescribed dilaudid 8mg, and then oxyfast which is liquid oxycodone.  So far the majority of those are either way to hard to find in Florida and when you do find it they cost an ungodly amount of money so what i have found to work best for me is the oxycodone 30 mg pills it works great for breakthrough pain and that way it doesnt just make you tired or like a zombie all day like some of the other stuff can.  So please can someone message me there dr in the area so i can figure this out like i said i can bring in my pharmacy print outs and my MRI and my files for 4-5 years all from the same dr and the different meds we have tried!  Please help im desperate.  Im willing to try new medications in needed i just wokr from my computer and so im good to go i dont do much physical activitiy since all of my wrecks but after 4-5 years in this type of pain ints unbarebale thinking about not having my meds.  Ive gotten so tired of it all that i got weened off and went like 6 months with nothing and the pain was to much so i had to get back on them.  So until i can afford this back surgery then this is the way im going to have to live unfortunately i feel like a 26 year old stuck in an 88 year old mans body!

Please let me know!!!!!!!! ASAP!!!!!!!


Jordan Zant
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It might be a good idea to speak directly to the pharmacist. I don't see how they can legally with hold your medications if you have a prescription and you're been told they do indeed have them there.
This time is going to fly by really fast so I highly recommend you find a good pain specialist as soon as possible. It take weeks to get in to see one and you're close to running out of your medication.
Are you saying you moved From Cal to Fl? Sorry, I'm a little confused. I'm asking because you may want to give your old Dr a call and explain your situation. He/she may be able to recommend a good pain specialist where you live right now. Or, maybe lead you in the right direction as far as finding one. You're going to have to do your own research on the computer too. Look up pain specialists and pain clinics in your area, or around your area. A lot of the Drs have ratings and customer reviews and this can really help. You don't want a Dr that has only 1 or 2 stars. You want one that has at least 4 to 4, it only goes to 5.
In the mean time go right back to that pharmacy and ask to speak to the pharmacist. If he tells you they do not have your medication explain that you were told they did indeed have your medications and the woman that works there is refusing to give it to you. I know you're upset but you have to stay calm. If the pharmacist ends up telling you the same thing this woman did you may have no other choice but to go some place else to get your meds filled.
I'm really sorry you're going through this. I understand chronic pain all to well but I've never had a problem with my pharmacy. They're always very nice to me.
We have other members here that are very knowledgeable about this kind of thing. I'm hoping you will get more responses and more advice as to what you should do.
We're always here to listen and help anyway we can. Please keep us up to date on your situation.
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When I read a post, there will usually be ONE word, or one sentence the "pops out" at me, and I latch onto it...

When I read your post, the part that got my attention was, "until I can afford this back surgery."

So, do you and your doctors think the surgery will cure everything? If that is what you want, I would suggest re-visiting the Obamacare thingy everybody is talking about.

Go to www.healthcare.gov, punch in your zipcode, and SEE all the insurance companies that are available to you, and their prices.

There will be this huge list.

Click on the "Sort by Out-Of-Pocket Maximum."

Don't do "sort by monthly premium," or anything else. You want to find the one with the absolute LOWEST "out-of-pocket maximum," and then contact them.

Then, add up ALL the money you are spending on everything else (doctors, pills, gasoline, travel, time off work for all those appointments, etc.), and then you may just well find that the back surgery is more affordable than you think!

Lot's of things (prices, doctors, insurance companies) have changed DRASTICALLY over the past year or two, everything's changed.

So check out the obamacare thing, especially NOW while things look pretty good.
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Although I agree with you about checking out Obama care I have to say that I'm one of those people that does not have health insurance. I have spent countless hours on the internet and on the phone trying to get some kind of plan from Obama care without success. This poster may be going through the same thing, we don't know. Or they may have insurance but have a huge co pay. Most of the Obama plans are indeed very affordable but the deductibles are outrageous.
Unfortunately, some of us that have chronic pain do not have health insurance and we all know how much just one surgery can cost.
Until or unless the original poster comes back here we don't know their full story. We do know that they are being treated unfairly and need help with getting their medication and a pain Dr or pain clinic.
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It is not unusual for pharmacies to refuse to fill out of state Rx, unless you do business with a large national chain, and even then there are rules regarding CII medications.

Unfortunately, the Roxicet 30 is one of those "special" pills that are very popular in abuse circles.

Find the office of Dr. Forrest Tennant, MD, in Costa Mesa. You probably not be able to get in for an appointment, but tell his nurse your story and they may recommend a sympathetic pharmacist who'll help.

In the mean time, I suggest that you cut your pills in half, and your dosing in half to make those pills last longer.

Let your Florida doctor know what's happening here. Ask him to phone Dr. Tennant directly so that they may speak about your case and your need for the high levels of opiates.

Best wishes.
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