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Help please

I woke up may 24th with what i thought was muscle pain in my inner thigh just above my knee. I tried rubbing it out but a day later it flared up. Feels like a lump of some kind under my skin its painful to touch or bend my knee the area is red. And when i touch the area it turns white for a sec then red again. It hasnt gone away and Ive tried iceing it ive tried a shower. Also Ive been taking ibuprofen for the pain but it doesnt seem to be getting better. Im not sure what it could be. The day before this occured I had walked around a alot at a convention then ate a hamburger. So im not sure whats causing this or if I should go to a doctor or just wait it out. Im starting a new job soon and I dont wanna to have to deal with this while trying to focus on learning my new job. Can some one please help me.
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Bump please help also want to add area is tender to touch and walking hurts
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Need to go to dr, could be blood clot, hope not. Blood clots can be dangerous.
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Wow thats my worst fear Im kinda scared im going to emergency tomarrow I hope its not serious
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Did you go? Just worried about you, keep us posted.
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Still havnt gone I was going to but I got busy it seems to have gone down a bit. Im still taking Ibuprofane and tending to it. Hoping it gets better on its own. Ill keep you posted.
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That's great, hope it is getting better, just be careful. Does it have fever?
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No fever.. Just woke up not too long ago and its gone down alot more and the pain has even lessen. Still not sure what caused it.
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