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Hip, Thigh, Leg and Foot pain.

Hi All,

I had a question regarding my very annoying extremity pains. In the last 3 weeks my right thigh has started to really annoy me. It has a stingy/bruisy feeling too it. It doesn't sting to the touch and there is no apparent bruising, but it does feel bruised. Here's the kicker, it only happens when I lay down. This is the only common symptom of the pain. I have bruising like pain in my right hip, lower back, thigh, knee/calf area, leg and in the arch of my foot. It is really strange. It has actually caused me a bit of anxiety as I thought it may be DVT. I've had two doctors tell me that it is not DVT. I have had an ultrasound of my leg on one of the worst days and it came back negative. Great News, but what is causing my pains? I often cannot sleep from the pain and wake up from panic attacks that it may be DVT.

I do use muscle rubs to help calm it at night and that seems to help a little bit. It doesn't help the morning pain though. I cannot sleep on my sides (my favorite position) because it begins to hurt so much. I toss and turn so much. Last night I began having panic attacks because I felt venous lumps in the outer side of my thigh. I checked and it seems to be on the other side too. That kind of relieved me, but did not stop the panic attacks for the rest of the night. There is no discoloration/difference in size from the two legs. Has anyone ever experienced anything like this?
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I also forgot to mention that I have lost something around 40-45 lbs in the last 2 1/2 months. I was sick and had my gallbladder out and decided to turn my diet around. I eat and I eat healthy. My doc mentioned that this may affect how my body feels when I sleep. I'm not sure what he really means though.
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Hello and welcome to the Pain Mangement Forum. I am sorry to hear about your pain. If two physicians have ruled out DVT that should comfort you. Most DVT symptoms begin in the calf muscle and not the thigh, hip or low back.

Anxiety will add to any painful condition. You are very young but have you had spinal problems ruled out? Sometimes the type of pain you describe can be attributed to a structure abnormality of your spine.

I have not heard the term "venous lumps" so I do not know to what you are referring. I do have painful nodes that run down the outside of my thigh when my pain gets high. My PCP believes they are either lymph nodes or small cysts that swell in response to the pain and inflammation caused by my condition. I also have several larger ones approximately 4 inches below my waist line near my buttocks. When the pain subsides to a loud hum rather than a deafening roar the swelling leaves. A trusted surgeon told me that they are cysts associated with my chronic condition.  

I don't know if that is what you are experiencing or not. I would revisit your PCP and request more explanations and treatment. Good luck to you. I hope you will keep in touch and let us know how you are doing. Take Care.

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