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How do you keep your muscle tone

I am curious how you all keep your muscle mass (if possible)  I can not grip well at all and i have to use a type of wrap to wrap around my wrist and arms to do bicep curls and I also lie on the floor and get on my elbows to do a push up...kinda like a woman's push up
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Hey Hey, a woman's push up???  :) There was a time I could do as many push ups as the majority of males! And I did the same ones they did!  But I digress.

Sorry I never did bicep curls per say. However during rehab following a six month stay in the hospital I was given long stretchable bands of varying levels of difficulty. I was taught to use them to rebuild muscle mass which included my arms and biceps. Have you thought of using them? They are easy to use, fairly inexpensive and should provide you with the results you seek if you purchase the more difficult ones.

I hope this information helps.

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I was a major workout nut for about 26 years. I did it all. I can still do curls with 5 lbs and I know the stretch bands are good and they make another type that looks like a jump rope that can be used for curls and for your triceps.

I have found I can still use the swiss ball for exercises that replace the bench and other things I did. It is great for pushups, If you get on top of the ball and move your arms out in front and keep your body on the ball you just go up and down using your arms and it makes push ups easy. If you look on line you could see the exercise. I know it might be hard to picture but it is a great way to do pushups.

I used to work out daily and did it all. This injury has really taken away from my life but using the bands and rubber rope and ball does help.

Hope I made some sense.
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I will have to try the bands, I use 5 lb and 8 lb dumb bells and a bench.  I actually go to the gym with my wife and she helps me.  I think because I take the hormone replacement therapy it is helping me keep my muscle tone a lot better than the average joe
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I was going to the gym but have no time anymore so my son loaned me his ab roller and bought me some five LLB weights. I am trying to get into a healthier mode. I eat well as far as eating the right things but need to tone up. My arms jiggle a bit when I wave and when I noticed this I went on a crazy gym spree trying everything to get rid of it!
I am one who dresses well  and loves to look good and but the new fashions ( leather in in this year) so it it not well for me to have jiggly arms:) haha.
Seriously though I do use weights and the ab roller.
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Are you all disabled or do you work?
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I work at the office. I am disabled but I don't get a check:(
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