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How is everyone doing?

It seems like the board has been slower lately! How is everyone doing?


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I know I missed a lot of regular members. Is everyone doing okay? Thinking of y'all!


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It seems a lot slower to me, too.  I've been reading but not responding much since I'm still feeling so crappy.  Wound up with a sinus infection and bad bronchitis.  The augmentin has worked well on the sinus infection but the bronchitis is bad.  I feel like it may have turned to pneumonia.  If I'm not any better by tomorrow, I'll call the doctor back and see if she'll change the script.

But I've been wondering how everyone's doing, too ... hopefully your post will nudge people into checking in :)
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Hey Flower,

You didn't mention my name...but I have been busy with lots of things...and my pain elevates so dramatically with physical activity.

My mom has had some health issues and we have had some back to back deaths....plus I am getting ready to leave for wintering in FL. My plate is over flowing and my pain levels are through the roof. So I have not been here as often as I would like to be.

Hugs to All,
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Try not to overdo it too much, Tuck!  Though it sounds like you already did :)  Something we all do.  Getting ready to winter in Florida sounds awesome to me ... it's one of my dreams when the kids are on their own.  The cold hurts me and I hibernate most of the winter.  Other than snow looking pretty at Christmas, I could seriously do without it.  Take care and be kind to yourelf.
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Tuck, I'm sorry that I didn't mention your name, as I was thinking of you when I wrote this. I thought that I typed your name--brain freeze:(
I'm sorry that you have so much on your plate right now. I hope that your pain goes down and that things ease up for you soon. Oh, I'm so sorry about your losses. I will pray for you.

Mellie, I hope that you feel better soon, too. It's hard to be sick when you already have constant pain. You're in my thoughts and prayers.

Thank you both so much for responding. It means a lot to me.


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Hi Flower!

How are YOU doing?

We got the move over with and I am slowly trying to unpack without over-doing it myself. I ended up taking a couple extra pain pills during the move, so I am short this weekend and squeeking by on half my normal dose the last two days. :( Thank God tomorrow is the 1st!! I have been feeling pretty bad, knots everywhere...and am having a colitis flare to boot which is always pleasant.

I'm starting to suspect that my shoulder pain could be coming from my spine, where I had a fusion at age 19. I have been doing some research lately after experiencing electical type shocks from my neck down my shouder. It baffles me that none of the docs I've seen this year have suggested this, and that I was actually considering shoulder reconstruction! I am going to request an mri of my spine at my next pm appointment. I at least want to rule it out!

I was supposed to start low dose Naltrexone at night a couple of weeks ago in addition to my pain meds during the day. I haven't done it yet because I wasn't comfortable doing it during my move. They insist that it won't interfere with my narcotics working during the day, but I'm nervous about it. I have to go to a compound pharmacy to get it filled since they don't make 3mg tabs. I'm still confused as to how blocking opiod receptors at night is supposed to help my pain, but at the same time, I have refused my PM's suggestion of going onto Suboxone and am nervous about not trying another suggestion because I'm afraid that he won't want to treat me if I keep refusing things. So I suppose I'll try it this week and see what happens. <--holds breath!!

Other then that, life is good. I look forward to hearing how everyone else is doing! And take it easy Tuck! I know it's hard...I do the same thing, and my hubby gets irritated with me. It's always a battle. We want to be normal and live normal lives and then we pay for it. -sigh-
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I'm a mess, both on the pain management side ( I'm in a lot of pain, even tho I'm under treatment) and on the emotionnal side of my life.

I'm renting a room in a family and the wife is not treating me well and I'm unhappy here. She makes me cry a lot and when she breaks a fuse on me for no reason, she never apologizes. I was raised in a very dysfunctionnal family and I feel I've moved back into the paternel home minus the physical and sexual violence. This is NOT good.

My best friend has pushed me away in the past 6-7 months, This has been really hard on me, I feel soo lonely. Why do people who are suppose to love us can't deal with us being ill? :-(

I have NO contacts with my parents and the rest of the family. I only see my 2 sisters and I have very few friends but without my best friend in my life I've never been that lonely and that sad. Sometimes she comes around but it's not like it was before I got very very sick and unable to function like i was able to do it before.

I think I'm depressed but I'm already under high doses of antidepressant ? I don't get how I can suddenly be depressed again when it was under control :-(

On the medication side, I feel like I ingest soo many pills during a 24 hours period that it's almost a bad joke. :-(

The dilaudid and the hydromorphine Contin is a good "match", to control my pain but we (my dr and I) have to increase it constantly because my body gets use to the dose.

I'm happy I found this community, this website, it helps to break the isolation.
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I'm so sorry to hear about your situation! Thank you for reaching out to us for support!! Sounds like it might be time to look at new living options? Is that something that is doable for you? On the depression front, stressful situations can bring on/back boughts of depression even though we take meds to cobat it. I recently faced one myself with a move and some hardships in my marriage. I was totally stable on all of my meds and suddenly felt like I took a hundred steps backwards (like before I started taking any of them.) My anxiety was back full force and so was my depression. When I discussed this with my therapist, he was in no way suprised and said that he would expect this under stressful times. So try not to be too hard on yourself and make sure you keep on your meds! If you are not in therapy, I would suggest it...it really helps me a lot. I hate the extra expense, but in the grand sceme of things it's worth it.

Isolation is so hard. I myself don't have many close friends these days. I have co-workers and people that I talk to casually, but not really anyone that I can talk to about my "big" problems. I have lost touch with a lot of people in my life and feel uncomfortable picking up the phone at this point because I would feel bad unloading my crap when we haven't talked for so long. I do talk to my family, but they do not understand my pain or my choice of pain management. I cannot really be myself in front of them unless I am having a great day because they just roll their eyes at me - "Kat's just having a bad day....AGAIN." - yeah - tell me about it. Like I choose to have bad days.

That is why I love this forum. I know by coming here that there are others that face the same daily struggles that I do. That have the same feelings about "popping soo many pills" that I do. We can lean on each other. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to help. I will keep you in my thoughts! :)
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Hi all:) I've been on and off the forum...been not feeling great.  Had a dr. appt last monday, and now need to go have a colonoscopy before they can do anything for my prolapse.  I also have an ulcer in and around my prolapse area, which needs to heal...and the medicine that does it is an estrogen cream, which I have a hyper-sensitivity to...and it makes me nauseous 24/7.  Have my repeat EEG next Friday, and a follow up to check this ulcer on the following Monday.  My OBGYN was also very concerned about my double vision and twitching...because they are likely not related to a seizure disorder (the double vision at least) so he wanted me to make sure my Neuro knew abt it...which I then called and left a msg, and got the run around...so I guess I'll address it at my next appt, after my EEG comes back.  So....lots of waiting over here:) Oh, and my sacrum and tailbone pain is through the roof---probably because this prolapse keeps getting worse and worse...lots of pressure, leading to some very acute pain sometimes...lots of laying down:(

I hope you all are well....Flower you are right abt the forum being so slow...I come on and hardly see any of the "regulars" I always saw before...I miss everyone!! And I'm also happy to get to know all the new members also! Thanks so much for starting this thread Flower:)

Happy Halloween!
love, Alison
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Kitty, I get so nervous when I have to try a new medication, and I understand how it makes you feel. I hope and pray that it works for you, and if it doesn't then hopefully your doctor will give you something that is effective. That's good that you're going to request an MRI for your shoulder.

Trelau, I'm so sorry that you're dealing with so much right now. That's awful that you're being treated that way. I agree with Kitty--would it be doable to find a new place? I feel so bad that you're going through so much. You are in my prayers.

Optimus, wow. You have a lot going on, too. It sounds like you have good doctors that are really helping. Thank you for posting. Please keep us updated on everything if you can.

I'm doing okay. I've been busy with work lately. Pain levels have been high, but not as bad as they were. I'm getting excited about Christmas. I really enjoy the holidays, even though they tend to be stressful. I still like all of the decorations and everything. Okay. I'm rambling here, lol.
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Hi everyone!  Flower thanks for getting the thread started for us "oldies, but goodies" I'm doing pretty well.  The medication that the doctor has me on has helped a lot.  I did have an ear infection and another kidney stone, but passed it with almost no issue at all.  It seems a lot easier when you have a fentanyl patch on.  I'm so glad that everyone is posting on the board so I could catch up with everyone and what's going on in their lives.  I'm just working everyday trying to stay healthy and keep the pain under control with what I have.  I'm thinking this is finally working.  I just want everyone to know I'm hoping that each and everyone one of you will be out of pain soon!

Love you all,

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So Sorry I haven't been on I am having some bad computer problems .I have been going back and forth to Dr,s as well .I will not be having surgery on my neck as he feels it will make it worse but I prob will on my elbow as the nerve damage is severe and if I don't I will lose use of my arm .I go Nov 15th .I hope to have my computer problems sorted out soon .I hope everyone is doing well and I miss you all .Talk again soon
Love Melissa
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I'm having a tough time, too.  The pain is suddenly getting worse.  I'm going to the PM doc today to discuss changing my treatment plan.

But I'm in a legal nurse consulting program, and studying as much as I can.  Looking forward to a challenging new career direction.

My hubby is likely going to quit his job and open a restaurant in Uruguay, of all places.  Go figure.  He'll have to live there for several months, while I'll return home to NC and look for some type of job that doesn't involve lifting.  

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Hi Flower,

I'm sorry that I was SOOOO slow to post but for most of the time I'm still flat on my back and it makes is difficult to type.  :)  

It's going pretty well but having some circulation problems that I'm going to post about and that keeps me in bed MOST of the time.  However, I  did drive myself to the PM Dr. today to get EXACT instructions on how to taper my Fentanyl Patches. And then stopped be my PCP's office to get an appointment with my NEW PCP since my Old one left in July.

I also got out with my Daughter today to go and vote - I tagged along instead of going be myself because by then my ENTIRE body was VERY tired!!  But I did VERY well and was pleased with my accomplishments!!

It was wonderful to see how everyone has been doing and I hope that you will all understand if it's a little more time before I can be posting regularly again.

Flower - you didn't tell us how you are doing?  I hope that you are doing well also.  

Love to you all......Mama Sherry
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I'm sorry, you asked about my living situation and I didn't reply before now. I have a friend who rents room and could have something for me in january or april, it depends when the tenents move out, one is a student and one's a teacher. I will go there but it will cost me almost all of my monthly financial aid to live there.

I could move out before and I've been looking but I don't have many friends to help me move and just to think about it is exhausting. (the physical part of the move: ie, packing, moving etc)

I need to check for a solution
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Wanted to thank everyone again for updating. You are all so wonderful!!


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I wrote a thread on my latest appointmet...turned down that med I was supposed to fill and I'm glad I did!!

Went to a football game today and had a good time. I had a few beers at a tailgaiter (skipped my pain meds) and did pretty well until I got home. Can barely walk now. :( Feeling those stadium stairs now! UGH!!! I'm going to PAY tomorrow but sometimes a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do! I got to watch my number one Ducks play a game in person and that was a great experience!
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Hi Guys,

Just a quick update. The last month or two has been unbelievably sad,with numerous deaths, some family illnesses and busy getting ready to winter on FL.

As I write this we are in Atlanta, GA. We plan to arrive in our FL destination Wednesday. Traveling has been more physically challenging then ever before but soon we will be in FL. Our dream is about to materialized and this makes us joyful.

Hopefully by the end of this week I will return full time to MedHelp. I miss you all immensely.....and can't wait to return. You remain in my thoughts and prayers.

Blessings to All,

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