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How many oxycontin mediciad pay for a month ?

Ok my doctor just raised my oxycontin from 2 x 30 mg a day to 3 x 30mg a day . I knew with medicaid you have to have a PA ... I tired for 4 days to get them the nurse said she fax it to them . I told the nurse I never heard of Medicaid only giving 2 a day she said no they will do 3 . I was out of my meds so I went into the pain clinic to see what was wrong and another nurse came out said that medcaid did not pay for 3 a day . I really need 3 a day when I was on them before it made a big different in my pain . Does anyone know anything about this? It seems like my doctor would of knew if they didn't do this . I also take 2 percert a day 10mg not sure if that makes a different . I have a app Tue and need to know so I can fix this with my doctor . If they want pay for 3 a day I can see if he just up the mg .. thanks so much for any help  Ps .. Its a pain clinic looks like they woud know this .
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Oxycontin is labeled for use twice a day, so I imagine that's how insurance companies would reimburse. If they are not lasting the full 12 hours, you need to up the dose, or use a breakthrough dose to get you through those last few hours. Personally, I don't like Oxycontin for this very reason.

And no, pain clinics and pain docs don't usually understand the details of medicare, or your insurance plan. They write the Rx, but have no role in dispensing medication.
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