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I have Degenerative Disk Disease in the L3 & L4 with bone spurs in the top L3. I am taking Norco 10/325 which work for the pain but I am very concerned about the acetomophene and will start blood tests soon. What I want is a narcotic pain reliever that does not have tylenol in it but has the same effectiveness as the Norco 10/325. I take approximately 6 daily.
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Hi Jon
Welcome to MedHelp. Sorry I am late answering your post but I can see the other members did a good job. There are multiple pain meds that do not contain Tylenol, Sandee has listed several of them.
I have been on vicodin 10/325 for a number of years which is the same as Norco just a different manufacturer. My liver functions remain good. I am concerned but there are many, many ppl that take just Tylenol (acetaminophen) for pain for years without any ill effects. It is the higher dosage or alcohol consumption with any dose that greatly adds to the dangers of acetaminophen therapy.
As suggested, discus this with your physician. I am confident that he/see will address your concerns. Please keep in touch and let us know how you are doing. You will find MH members to be supportive with a wealth of knowledge. Take Care, Tuck
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Hi Jon. Sorry to hear of the pain you have. There are opiates without the tylenol and they are:
Oxycodone 5 & 10 mg
Oxycontin 10mg and higher (Oxycodone with extended release or 12hr) and there are many others. Talk with your Doc.

I believe you can get the Hydrocodone w/o the Tylenol, ask your Dr. Like Empathy said, you are not taking a large dose of Tylenol but if you are taking the pain medication long term then I would talk with your PCP on getting a pain reliever without the tylenol. I would not want to take Tylenol long term, I would be concerned about the liver at that point.  Take care.....Mollyrae
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Norco is better than most because it only has 325 of Tylenol Vs. 500 or 650.  To my knowledge hydrocodone which is the narcotic agent in Norco (I take it too) does not come in a tablet all on it's own.  In order to get rid of the Tylenol you have to move up to the drug oxycodone which is in drugs like Percocet they make oxycodone tabs without Tylenol.

Question is why are you so worried about your liver?  Is your liver already compromised?  At 6 a day you are only getting 1950mg of Tylenol which is not a problem if you have a healthy liver.  The adult high end max is 4000mg per day or 4 grams so you are well below it.
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