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I am in horrible pain, could someone help please?

I need help with a condition of excruciating pain that began rather abruptly. I do not recall having done anything to contribute to it or cause it.
I have very severe pain that seems to range in type. From a sharp piercing pain to a sort of tearing type pain. It is in my upper left back. It is difficult to point to an exact location as it is about the size of a grapefruit.  It seems to be neurological.though obviously I am unsure. It seems to include the edge of my left scapula the worst. It is severe pain. The rest of the area feels like i got hit with a hammer a big hammer that as I say is about a grapefruit.
In the area i have been feeling tingling on the skin at that area  . i have to use a back scratcher constantly.  I have no swelling or bruising and no apparant swelling.  

At the same time or nearly the same I began to have what felt like a rash under my arm. ( armpit ) it progressively worsened within a couple days to what felt like long deep cat scratches with persperation in them sharp stinging  And continued to worsen to what was unbearable itchiness and feel like someone putting cigars on my skin under arm and down the inside upper arm..   The stinging , burning has since lessened . this has been now 10  days since this all began.  
But that type pain has settled to what is more tolerable I have to keep a pillow or a folded towel under my arm because of contact my under arm and down the upper part of inside and back of arm has lost most of feeling sensation of my skin.  Numbness from my upper ribcage underarn and most of my entire upper arm now has no feeling of my skin. Yet it is very irritable and. I am very afraid.
I have numerous condition involving nerve . I have very severely painfull neuropathy in both feet and legs and both hands.  It was evidently as a result of vitamin B12 deficiency. I was also deficient in D 3 .  I had been in 2007  diagnosed with CRPS formerly called RSD and Causalgia.  I am diabetic. I have become a fat slob. And unable to lose weight. I need to use a walker for short distance and wheelchair for anything else. Though I am not able to push myself in the damn thing because all the cartilage is gone from both my shoulders and i had a surgery in '06 that started all of my disabilitues  . and depression.

I am afraid of what this coukd be on my back and arm skin numbness.

Any help I so much appreciate. I no longer have a doctor .
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I'm so sorry you're going through this. Have you been to your Dr yet? If not, you really need to go so they can find out what's going on.
We have many forums here at Medhelp and they include depression and diabetic forums.I recommend you check both of them out. The depression forum is great with people like us. Yes, I suffer not only from chronic pain but depression and anxiety too. The people on those forums are so nice and caring.
I'm sorry I couldn't have been of more help to you but I'm not sure what's causing your shoulder pain. I hope you can get in to see your Dr soon. Please keep us up to date on what you find out and how you're doing.
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Thank you remar, for your reply.  I actually have looked in on a couple of forums such as you had mentioned.  I do see that people are quite friendly and caring.  I really only recently found medhelp.  So still dipping my toes.

Unfortunately I have no physician any longer. I was in the VA healthcare system  But due to my finanvial situation. I no longer qualify.  I got a damn $11  a week cost of living adjustment. That took me out of my elligibility with the va healthcare.  

I can not go to emergency. I am not bleeding or losing conciousness or anything so the local hospital here has had a security guard escort me out of there one time.

All I was doing was begging for help .knock me out or Michael Jackson me. I was not there to seek any drugs /pills.  

This town has a real problem witb drug seekers and so on.

Thank You Again.
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Hi Teddy, glad you found the MedHelp site. Remar is wonderful and can help guide you as well. She help many people in a variety of issues.

I too have very complicated medical problems that require very strong pain medication. Finding a doctor to deal with us is a big problem but don't give up, they are out there.  Then we have to deal with our insurance, pharmacy and even friends and family.

It's a war out there, so we do need each other. Remar is always there for you, me as well as others. Take care.
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Call your your nearest VA Rep and explain your situation: you should be able to at least see your former doc there to get a referral, if not resumption of care under a hardship waiver.
Then call your former neurologists office and request an appointment - and let them know up front that you have no current insurance. They may be able to refer you to a local free clinic where they may volunteer.

Those two phone calls might save your life.
Thank you. Sorry for the time between my comment. I could not fi d this site again until now.
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'fat slob', eh? Since I'm not a doc, all I can do here is give my humble opinions.... first of all, please please think highly of your own body. Your body has been with you for years, and has taken good care of you, the best it knows how. This sounds cheezy, but LOVE your body, thank your body, tell your body how much you appreciate it. Did you know that the "fat" you refer to in "fat slob" is actually created by the body to protect itself? Somehow your body knows how upset you are with everything, it knows something's wrong, so it's doing it's best by putting on a little bit of fat. Love your body, eat better, maybe the fat will go away if it needs to. The "slob" part is your choice LOL. A slob is someone that spills food off a plate and then doesn't clean it up haha.... so you can fix that part easily by carrying around a paper towel. Okay, on a more serious note, the most important thing you can do is find a good doctor. Do you have insurance? Obamacare or something? If you can get to an ER cheaply or for free, go there, they usually have good referral networks. You have LOTS of health issues, so get yourself into a doctor. Right away, like now (in other words don't procrastinate). Think positively, like how a lot, or most, if not all of the things you described can be helped! You sound down and depressed and scared, and that's probably good -- because that means you are smart enough to know you should get to a doctor and "get back on the horse" as they say.
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