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I am in pain, here is my story (Brief), suggestions?

I used to go to the limit when it came to pushing my body when I was younger (16-22), and now at 25 I am starting to feel it. I feel it due to powerliftingin my right knee and lower back (deadlifts especially), and football/baseball, throwing shoulder. Whenever I throw, overhand, it feels like a sharp pain, chronic sharp pain, and that I shouldn't do that ever again, and my right knee, feels like there is something missing and isn't as 'durable' as my left knee (you can literally feel something is missing). For my back I made an appointment and also mentioned my shoulder, not my knee. The DR. was busy so I had to see her PA, she prescribed me Flexeril and Ibuprofen, especially when I clearly stated that I take up to 800mg when the pain is unbearable, and it doesn't do anything. I do'nt kno what to do, my right knee, my left (throwing) shoulder, and my lumbar (L3 mainly as PT mentioned) are all in pretty bad pain! Flexeril, all that does is make me sleepy, and it was only 20 pills of 10mg and im out of them. any suggestions?
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I would suggest you do get all the test needed to help the Dr assess what is causing your pain and then you can begin getting the right treatment. I do think you need some kind of pain medication, have you discussed this with your Dr and also if the flexiril is not helping make sure your Dr knows and ask for something different. there is really no need to be in pain when you can get treatment and make the pain level a point where it is bearable and you will have a much better quality of life. I would ask for a referral to a PM Dr and also ask your current Dr for some help with the pain in the mean time as it does take time to get into see a PM Dr.
As I say all the time make sure your Dr knows everything don't assume he/she knows and document as much as you can and this will help in the future. I wish you the best and keep us posted! I think you may have some nerve damage also so make certain you tell your Dr all of your symptoms and that you need some help with the pain:)
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Well lest start with the throwing shoulder. I played quarterback partially in high school, and some college football and always had to "ZIP" the ball in there, doing throwing competitions, pitching, and especially the Javelin, I believe are the causes of this. When I throw, it is horribly painful. and my entire arm also, besides the pain, feels warm, and tingly around the elbow. The PA said she wants me to get an x-ray on it.

The right knee. Doing heavy deadlifts I can probalby thank for this, and playing wide receiver in college and a lot of stop and go in basketball I can also thank for this. It just feels hollow and when I lay down to go to bed is when I really feel it.

My back, I just started physical therapy last week and some vertabrae were picking up the slack for others when I was moving and my L3 was barely moving at all, that where I was getting the spasms.

Anyways, I will seek a pain management clinic and hopefully I can get this resolved.
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Hello PharmToBe25,

Welcome to MedHelp. The first thing I would want to know is why you are having these such pains in these areas. It sounds as though you need a good work-up on your shoulder and your right knee. Have you injured these parts? And if you have than what can be done to repair the damage.

Yes pain is horrid and we in this forum know what you are talking about but until you know why you are experiencing this pain throwing pain medications at the problem will not cure it, only mask the symptoms. Pain is our body's way of telling us that something is not right. If it is determined that you have irreputable damage than you should make an appointment with a good Pain Management Clinic/Physician and be evaluated. If you approach your physician in that manner you should have better results and his/her cooperation in getting to the source of your pain. Pain medication is not the only approach to pain management though it is often part of it.

I am very sorry you are hurting and I wish you the best in your search for the reasons you are experiencing this pain. Please keep us updated and let us know how you are doing. Take Care, Tuck
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