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I have a million questions but here's one (MSK)

I have just been told I have MSK.  I went to the Dr. because I thought I had hurt my back playing tennis and was in unbelievable pain! The back X-ray showed that yes I have arthritis there but something was up with the kidneys.  After a series of completely hideous tests (I'm mainly talking about the CT scan where I had to drink gallons of something that tasted like it must have came from the show "Fear Factor") Anyway, so my diagnosis is MSK.  My question is that on a split renal test it showed that my kidneys were working at 100% - which was great right?  Except that one is only working at 30% and the other is picking up the slack and working 70%.  How much kidney function can a body run on? The Dr. did say that the one at 30 is impaired due to the MSK but how fast will that decline?  How long can the 70 kidney keep doing extra work before that starts to have problems?  Is it like favoring a knee...eventually the good knee starts to have problems too? Could the kidneys just stay this way forever? I know there's no crystal ball but if there have been previous cases in similar situations what happened with them? What are my probabilities of losing a kidney or dialysis? I just like to have some idea of what to expect - I hate the unknown!

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