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I need help in freeing myself of medicines ... ESPECIALLY FENTANYL LOLLI-POPs, aka Actiq

Well, I was seriously injured in Iraq after an IED attack. By all means I should be dead and many days I often wished I were. But I noticed that these are only the days when I am close to being out of my medicine, Actiq or fentanyl lolli-pops! They were a God send at first but over 5 years later, more than 50 surgeries to replace my urinary tract and my "man plumbing". I have had a supra pubic cath, a couple of urinary stints in the ureter and I could go on and on. I am now taking up to 10 - 1600mcg of the fentanyl lolli-pops, the max dose that lately doesn't work as well. This is the max dose, then what? The real issue, my friends, is that I no longer wish to be on this medicine ... AT ALL! I have been managing to reduce my dosages myself by cutting the lozenges in halves and quarters. why don't I just go to a lower dose, one is my doctor feels I need to stay at my level ... So we disagree and I'll do it my way if I have to. I tried the suboxone and had an allergic-type reaction that literally sent me into respiratory failure, hallucinations and others. It was not a true anaphalaxis but I didn't know how to describe it. Currently I am recovering from a surgery, post op 9 days, at which they installed wires, slings and stimulators to keep electric pulses going through my bladder, kidneys and other things that was hopefully to allow me to urinate without the use of a catheter. I have the wires 4 in total, coaxial cable sized, poking out of my back and sides into an elctric stimulator, I call it my bladder pace maker. So I'm back to taking the entire 1600mcg for now. Another surgery is scheduled for Monday to replace a couple deffective wires and prepare my body to maybe put the entire thing inside me anchored to my pelvic bones. So full doses for the next month probably. Then I'm back to working it down. I called about a Waxmann Method for detox but they don not accept insurance and it's a whopping $22,000.00! That is my military member's discount price too! You are in the hospital for about a week but you are detoxed under general anesthesia and completely clean after about 90 minutes. The cost makes this unreachable. I discussed this with my case manager at the VA, trying to get them to pay for it. The medicine is $21,500.00/month! You do the math. They would save $100,000.00 immediately the first year! but they refused to pay for it. So, Suboxone seemed the next best chance. I covered the suboxone and how much of a picnic it was and other than titrating myself down, which will take forever, I'm seeking advice. Please do not waste my time with begging me to sale them to you, YES this has happened at other sites I've searched out info from where people literally BEG me to sale them to them! And the ungodly amount they offered was just sick! Impressively large numbers but a sick idea. So, please, I'm here looking for logical, legal advice. Anything different will be wasting both our times.
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Hello MrMarine,

I'd like to thank you for all you gave for me and other Americans. And thank you does not ease your pain or give you back the life you had before you bravely defended our freedom but it's all I know how to say.  

This is a professional site as others have told you. No one at MH will ask you to sell your narcotics to them. How dreadful and callous!!

I know that within the military system you don't always have a choice of physicians. But if possible I hope you will seek out one that will honor your wishes to reduce your opiate use....of course after your upcoming surgery (s). I am at least grateful that they want you comfortable, much better than the other way around. Now your plight is to locate a physician that will help you with the decrease and mange your pain per your wishes. After your repair surgery(s) are completed your current physician may be more willing to honor your requests.

I was not in the military when I had a horrid MVA that I should have never survived. But like you there were many days that I wondered why I was spared, to live in constant pain with life altering injuries. There are no answers but time has helped and I hope that it will help you also.

The math makes perfect sense to me. However the government does no always see it that way, as you have discovered.

Please keep us updated, let us know how you are doing. We will look forward to hearing from you often.

In Humble Gratitude,
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Thank you TrayCee for taking the time to reply and I will check it out. And yes, twice, I was asked on forums similar to this, or at least it was supposed to be like this one, it does seem very upscale, to sale my medicines. Many other people would tell me I was crazy for complaining about being on such a potent narcotic. Very good question about controlling my pain after I am detoxed from this poison. That I'm still in discussion with my wife, doctor(s) and colleagues about. I understand I'm sure I'll not be able to be completely opiate free at this time, considering my injuries, but I would be pleased with treating it with a time released medicine and Vicoden10? That's my dream option for plan of care. Thanks again.
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I totally understand what you are going through.Not the issue of the surgeries, well maybe, I have had 9 myself in the past 9 years due to problems with my spine that I was born with but did not find out until I was 22. It is a huge struggle when you want off the meds but you kinda still need them for the pain but at the same time they are ruling your life. I have come off my meds too many times to count to see if I could handle the pain on my own. I am once again in the process of weaning down. It is not fun. You have to handle the withdraw as you wean, but it is not full blown wd as if you go cold turkey. I used to use the Actiq several years ago. I hated the way they tasted. The way I came off is the way you described. You have to just spread out the time in between that you take them. I was also on the Fentanyl patch and was using the Actiq for breakthru pain. Is the Actiq the only thing you are taking? If it is you can ask your doc to switch you to the patch. Then they can go down on the MCG. (amount) on the patch to wean down. The doc cannot make you stay on your meds. That is ludicrous. I do understand them  saying you still need the meds right now since you are still having surgeries. But after you recover from them it sounds like you need to have a frank discussion with your doc. It can be done on your own, but it is a lot harder. I don't know how you cut the suckers. They are so hard and it seems like they would crumble and break to pieces like a sucker would so you would not know how much you are getting, I guess if that works for you then good luck doing it that way. Are you running out before your next script. is due? Is that why it has been so hard? Maybe that is another reason you should go to the patch so it stays on for the number of days prescribed and only change them at that time and will not run out before the next script is due?
Anyways, will be glad to discuss ways to help you cut down as I did. Is your doc. aware that you are doing this? Are you sure you are ready to do it?
Either way, good luck and God Bless.
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Don't worry about members asking for your drugs. It is forbidden here and they will get kicked out.

I went through the very same thing as you did with the Suboxone. It sent me to the Hospital. Why? Because your body is sent into immediate w/d's and being that your on the Fentanyl like I am...it's too much for your body to handle. So...not a good idea unless your under a Doctors care and still it's going to be very uncomfortable.

It's too bad that the Government doesn't see the amount they would save if you were to initially go through the w/d's and not have to take the meds afterwords.

Yes, you are on the highest of doses with the lolli-pops and need to come down to a respectable level of pain meds so that they can work again. I feel that a detox program is best. I realize that your going to be very uncomfortable but that's the price we pay for getting our tolerances so high.

I don't wish the h*** your facing on my worst enemy. I know what it's like. Is it possible to borrow the money to go through the Waksman method? It may be worth every penny. Disabled Veterans can get vary good almost interest free loans. ....Just a thought.

I don't know what else you have at your disposal. Well, my thoughts are with you and good luck with your decision.

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LOL, no one here is going to ask u to sell your meds.
(I cant believe that really happens)
How are you planning to control your pain?
Perhaps you should check out the Substances Abuse Forum RE: addiction, lots of good info there.

Good Luck
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