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I need some help to figure out my meds

I have been taking my meds regular as my DR has given, I have no issues with doing that.the good feeling that I use to have when taking the oxy 15 has been gone for some time now. I do however have it on occasion in the mornings. the reason that i am posting again is questions about the medicine , at Thanksgiving i stopped taking them , MISTAKE !!!? no one told me I couldn't, or what would happen if I stopped, luckily my sister en-law is a nurse and told us what was happening to me. but I have more questions. When I take the meds as prescribed ,I cant sleep, I feel I live for taking the pills, I live in a fog, I kinda feel everyone is living and I am existing, my body feels as though something is wrong, other than my back, my nerves are shot, and I cant pass a bathroom without urinating. I had what I thought was a good friend get mad because I didn't share enough meds with him.and I am not the person to do that anyway? I would like to know if anyone other than my self has had these things happen to them while having to take medicine like this.I have a DR appointment next week and will ask him, but they have never gave me a strait answer to anything  really.most of what I know i have learned from reading the post here. everyone has been like family, I know this is an abuse site, but are people stopping there meds because of things like i am going through? or because of addiction? some of what seems to be side effects are enough to make me want to stop. other than legs I feel like I am having withdrawals while I am taking the meds  like I am supposed to take them? any help I would appreciate, just to know if the Oxycodone 15mg 6 times a day, is doing this ? oh and anxiety is in there as well? the bad dreams may be some of the reason for that? thanks for understanding in advance I really need to know if anyone had this happen. thank you, Dave
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Hi Dave and Welcome to the forum-

I hear what you are saying and can relate to a lot of it.  I was on 100 mg oxycontin a day for prescribed pain and feeling anxious, disconnected, having horrible pain still and headaches...So yes-I believe the oxy caused these nasty side effects amongst others.  I was tapering for a long while but found my anxiety getting worst and so I went c/t 33 days ago...I've never looked back.  Sharing your meds with friends is not a good idea.  Oxy is one of the most addictive substances in the world.

I would speak to your doctor about what is happening.  what kind of pain are you in?  Are you taking any opiates now?  I am a little confused about what you are asking.  If you are suffering w/d there are many things that can help you through the process.  In the first part of your post you said you stopped taking oxy at Thanksgiving and went through w/d...are you taking it now or still experiencing w/d?

Just need more info!  
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Hey thanks for reply, I did stop at Thanksgiving and started back. I was in an accident that really wasn't that bad,but I have degenerative disc and had to get medical help.this was last March. I didn't know that we aren't supposed to stop taking this type of medication, found out the hard way, I wanted to see if my back pain was better, and had stopped for a few days to see. It was not gone, the DR. tells me it will always be the way it is, but I have faith that it will get better. anyway, I am good if I take my pain meds like I am prescribed sometimes less than. I am worried about getting addicted so started reading the post here.I have lots of support so I can get help if I need it. I personally do not like the oxy, I have taken it in hopes of ridding the pain and living a normal life. BUT the effects of the med are terrible, if that is what is going on. I had made the post to see if anyone other than myself had experienced the same things. The rundown is this, I take them as prescribed, I cant sleep, and when I do sleep for a few hours ,I have terrible nightmares,  don't want to eat, pee every hour? to 45 min, I am going in for a low T test next Tuesday, I think that may have a lot to do with things, actually the men I have spoken with said it sounded just like low T. I have been reading the post to remind me that , their are risk in taking the pain meds,  and the are to be respected, I live with constant pain in my back and I think that in my mind I thought I would be over it by now. but the big question I have is about the side effects, if that is whats going on. Thank you for reply,Dave
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Your attitude and respect for the power of the drug is good...I have Crohns, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and severe endometriosis and have had 3 reconstructive surgeries in three years.  I was on all kinds of different opiates and both times I was prescribed oxy I had horrible side effects and hated the way it made me feel...Like my soul was being stolen, anxiety, frequent urination, and migraine headaches.  I cold turkeyed because I had enough and wanted to see where my pain levels were at.  They're actually much lower off opiates and I live healthier and happier since.  This is just my story.  If you need to take pain meds, you need to take pain meds...I find yoga, hot baths, meditation, saunas, and massage are better options for me.  Have you considered trying a different opiate?  Oxy is brutal because it's synthetic and acts on the brain in a different way than other opiates (morphine, hydromorphone, codeine, etc.)

My question to myself everyday was "Is this disease/pain symptoms or side effects of meds?"  and "How can i have the best quality of life?"  I found that opiate free was the only way for me to live....This is my story.  Feel free to personal message me if you have any more questions.

I wish you all the best....
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What type of Dr. is prescribing you 15mg of Oxycodone 6 times a day? That is very strange to take a short term medicine long term and not move to a long term medicine just twice a day...

Obviously just stopping your medicine cold turkey is never recommended as one shoulde always speak with their Dr. first.

Looking for that 'good feeling' is the path to addiction...A narcotic prescribed for pain is meant to just help put a dent in that pain...not meant to boost your mood....

So taking the Oxy 6 times a day is chasing that pain and your body is going up/down all day/evening....

Obviously ever single medicine out there has side effects...It's all about whether the benefits outweigh the risks...

I would think moving to an Extended Release medicine would help you greatly....it is more evenly distributed through the bloodstream every 12 hours...There isn't a 'feeling'...from them...just a lowering of pain...

As well as...a Pain Management Dr. is best for long term pain management...They should be teaching you that the opiate is just one small piece of the puzzle....You have to be actively doing many other things to help with your pain...

And even then..with a chronic condition...it's never meant for you to be pain free...I live with a 5-7 on the pain scale...

There is daily exercise, stretching, aqua therapy, acupuncture, injections when needed, use a muscle relaxer when needed, nerve pain as needed, sleep medicine as needed, eating non inflammatory foods, going to counseling to learn how to deal with chronic pain, do not smoke, use a TENS unit, and most important....maintaining a healthy weight.

Those are just some of things that need to be done daily/monthly....People think.."oh...I tried that once and it didn't work"....

Each thing added together, along with the medicine, will help reduce someone's pain...Never just one thing alone...

What about physical therapy for your back? Have they mentioned surgery?
When was your last MRI or nerve conduction study?

Having Degenerative Disc Disease is really just a 'title' that most people over the age of 30 will all get...If you took 100 people off the street and did MRI's...you would find this...But some get pain...others do not...

So that should never be the prime diagnosis....

My point is....all of this should be talked about with your Dr...talk about your pside effects to help minimize....talk about your goals....putting together an entire PM plan to help reduce your pain to a tolerable level if there is absolutely nothing they can do surgery wise...

I do wish you luck...
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To Weathergirl21, actually oxycodone 15mg is not a strange medication for a doctor to prescribe for long term use for pain control.  A lot of doctors feel that patients make out better with the immediate release drug rather than the time release drug because it's easier to titrate the doses to more adequately control their pain.  With the time release drugs, they either have to be happy with the level of pain control they are getting from one size dose, which may be too little, or be a zombie because the next size up is too much for them, with nothing in between.  With the immediate release drug if they need to take an extra one from time to time, or a half a pill, that's perfectly do-able and safe while the time release pills cannot safely be broken up to take a smaller dose.  Also, the 15mg and 30mg oxycodone pills are pure oxycodone with no tylenol in them.  MUCH safer than, say, Percocet or Roxicet because by the time a person takes enough of a 5, 7.5 or 10mg tablets to control their pain they are WELL over the toxic level of acetaminophen for a 24 hour period.  

To wade1966, this is not an abuse site.  There IS a Substance Abuse forum, but there are also forums for just about every disease you can think of along with childbirth and child care, pets, and just about every other phase of life you can think of.  This particular forum is for Pain Management, so you're in the right place to discuss pain meds and how to use them correctly.  :)

Also, Dave, if there is anything that I have to question about your doctor's methods, it's the fact that he didn't inform you that you should NEVER just stop taking your medication suddenly.  It was pretty irresponsible of him if he figured you would get all the information you needed about them from reading the sheet that the pharmacy provides with each prescription.  He should have discussed the medication, the way it works, whatever else you can and cannot take or do when you are taking it, etc.  It sounds like he really dropped the ball on that and now you're left wondering "What The Heck?".  If I were you, the FIRST thing I would do is to find another Pain Management doctor, one who is willing to work more closely with you and keep you more well-informed about your condition and the meds you take for it.  

The MAIN thing to keep in mind is that, while oxycodone may not be the right med for you (from the way you described how you feel when you take it), there are others out there and your body may react better to while giving you adequate pain control.  Keep in mind that MOST of the meds that work best for pain control ARE opiates, HOWEVER, if you need an opiate to enable you to keep your pain levels down to where you have a good quality of life, then there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with taking it.  Do not EVER allow the stigma that others attach to opiate pain meds keep you from taking them IF that's what you need.  Nobody has to live in your body but you, so nobody knows what your pain feels like but you.  And there is no reason at all that you should suffer because of how others feel about opiates.  Taking opiates is not for everyone, nor is riding out the pain so that you can say you're not taking opiates.  You and only you have to decide what is right for your own body, so if you can find a pain med that controls the pain and doesn't make you feel disjointed and far away, then don't let the fact that it's an opiate keep you from taking it.

With regard to becoming addicted, DO NOT CONFUSE BECOMING DEPENDENT WITH BECOMING ADDICTED.  They are two VERY different things.  EVERYONE who takes opiates becomes dependent on them.  All this means is that our bodies get used to the medication and if you stop taking it suddenly, you WILL go through withdrawal.  If you are addicted, however, you will take more and more of your medication just to feel the high.  HOWEVER, if you have a progressive condition, you will also need to increase your dose of medication as time goes on to get the same pain relief you got early on with a lesser dose.  So do not confuse this with addiction, either.  Addiction is all about the high.  Dependency is all about our bodies getting used to living with the medication and reacting badly when the medication is stopped suddenly.

The percentage of pain management patients who become addicted is EXTREMELY low.  Only about 3% of the people who are prescribed pain meds BY LEGITIMATE PAIN MANAGEMENT DOCTORS actually become addicted to the drugs.   ALWAYS take your meds as directed in the prescription.  NEVER increase your dosage without first discussing it with your doctor. And always remember that increasing meds to chase a high is completely different from increasing meds to get better pain control as a condition worsens over time.  PLEASE keep these things in mind when making your decisions as to whether or not to continue taking opiates for pain control.

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My point is that if someone is prescribed 90mg a day and taking it by Oxycondone 15mg tablets...The half life for those are 45 minutes...

So the patient is chasing the pain and all the ups and downs all day long...

Most PM Dr.s would move them to a 30mg plus 15mg Oxycontin every 12 hours....or a 30mg every 8 hours....

It has nothing to do with safety as of course Oxycodone is just that...pure Oxycodone without Acetaminophen...

Most people choose to only have to take 1-3 pills a day instead of 6 and not chase their pain all day...

That is one of the reasons I think Wade is in the position he is in as the short term medications provide that 'whoosh' or well being or good feeling....so people start to look for this more than they do the steady pain relief that is given with long term medication...

And just fyi to everyone...Laws are changing in many states, especially starting this year where Dr.s will not be able to prescribe short term medications for long term use.
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You're right about the half life of the 15mg tablets, but depending on what the person's insurance situation is like, the immediate release are quite a bit easier on the wallet than the time release.  I JUST found an insurance company that I can afford for prescription insurance after looking for 10 years!  So this month, for the first time EVER, instead of $500+  for my prescriptions it only cost me $16!  I was SO excited!  Under $20, after years and years of paying thousands a year, well it just doesn't get any better than this!  :D  But this was also the main reason that my doctor kept me on the immediate release medication, because when I was paying for it out of pocket, it would have cost me an ADDITIONAL $250 for the time release!  I was barely affording the immediate release tablets each month, the time release was absolutely out of the question for me.  My doctor understood this and that's why he was giving me what he was giving me, so maybe this or something similar to this is why the OP is taking the IR tablets instead of the time release version.  I also know of a few doctors who refuse to prescribe the Oxycontin because they don't trust their patients to not break them in half or take them incorrectly in some other way.  Who knows what the reason it as far as why the doctor chose those?  As I said, what I question about it is that it seems that the doctor never said a word to the OP about the correct way to take these or the correct way to stop taking them.

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I do agree about price..I do not have insurance so had to switch when the patent on Oxycontin generic ran out....the brand is WAY too expensive..

So I switched to MSContin generic as my long term medication. I use generic OxyIR for breakthrough as needed.
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