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I went to jail and the cops found my suboxone.

I was with a friend last night and we got pulled over because the cops ran his license plate and he had 2 warrants for his arrest. I also had a warrant for my arrest for a unpaid traffic ticket. The cop put me cuffs and searched me and didn't find the suboxone at the time. It wasn't until we got to the jail that they found the suboxone but they never mentioned anything about it. I spent the night in jail and they let me go the following morning. When I was being released I was gathering all my items and I noticed my suboxone laying on counter along with all my other stuff. I do not have a prescription for the suboxone and they gave it back to me without mentioning anything about. They gave me a paper telling me to appear in court to pay fine of $555 for my traffic ticket but no mention of the suboxone. Do I have something to worry about when I go to court. Will they mention the suboxone? or am I going to be okay since they gave the suboxone back and I don't think I saw anything about the suboxone on the inventory report they read back to me. Did they just let me go or did they not check if I have a legal prescription for the suboxone. I am very worried but shouldn't I be okay since they gave it the suboxone back to me? Wasn't that their only evidence of me having the suboxone?
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I'd be worried.

What are you self-medicating with the Suboxone?
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I got it from a friend a long long time ago because I was going through withdrawal from the hydrocodone I got from my dentist. Do you think they took pictures of the suboxone or something? I mean why would they give it back to me. There was 1 empty suboxone and there was one that only had 1mg inside of it.
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There is an inventory of your possessions, yes.

Whether or not it comes up in court depends on the charges, and he judge.

Since you weren't arrested for possession of Suboxone, they returned it to you. It is a controlled substance, not an illegal substance.

Perhaps your police department does not have a policy of pursuing this kind of thing?

I just reread your post, and since you only have to pay a fine, I don't think this is going to be a problem.

Just pay the fine.

And stop carrying around a controlled substance for which you don't have a legal prescription -- that's asking for trouble.
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Okay thank you so much for your advice. I will never carry the suboxone on me again. I don't even take it anymore. It was so stupid of me, I know. If anybody else has advice about this. it is muchly appreciated. thank you!
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Hi and I'm glad you found our PM (Pain Management) Forum.  

I'm sorry for what you went thru last nite but I think you were lucky they didn't say anything. As Phil said, stop carrying around a controlled substance that you don't have a script for.  You were lucky this time but it's just not worth taking a chance with it.  IF you are self-medicating, I'm asking you, as a Grandmother, to PLEASE stop before something terrible happens to you.  

Everything Phil said to is you is, as usual, excellent advice.  I wish you the best and glad things are seemingly working out ok for you.  

I look forward to an update from you after your court appearance and you have paid your fine. GOOD LUCK!   .....    Sherry   :)
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Philnoir is right. They did take an inventory of everything you had when you got there so the pill bottles are on the list. If your friends name is on the bottles it will show up in the picture, if they did indeed take pictures.Most likely they did not. The judge may or may not ask you about them. If he/she does ask what do you plan to say? If you don't need them any more I don't understand why you were carrying around one empty bottle and another bottle with just one pill in it. You may or may not know about the new drug laws that took effect about a year ago. Most of the people here are true chronic pain patients that need medication just to be able to get through the day. And now, because of these laws and the war on prescription drugs, it's getting harder and harder for us to get the treatment we so desperately need. I know I'm being hard on you but if you ever need a pain prescription and are not able to get it you would understand. Drs are so afraid to prescribe just for this very reason, people sharing or selling medications. What you and your friend did was illegal. Please, do not ever get medication from anyone else. If you truly need something see your Dr so this can be done legally. You've learned a big lesson and you were very lucky they said nothing about these bottles. You may not be this lucky if it ever happens again.
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Thank goodness I've never been arrested for anything - or even had a medication without an RX.  I don't know how much my input will help you.

That said, I would think if you were going to be charged with having an opiate without an RX it would have been done by now. They would have had to kept the medication for evidence - at least I would think that's true - otherwise how could they come back and charge you with something without the proof? I doubt a picture would do it.

Start making smart choices. Why on earth would you carry something you aren't using or selling. It takes a conscious effort to move it from one pair of pants to another. I'm not judging you - I'm just concerned for your future.

Relax. Pay your parking ticket and get rid of the Suboxone! If this does come up in court, sadly you'll just have to suffer the consequences for making bad choices.

Take Care of Yourself,
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