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This one is a little bit off subject but I am hoping that maybe someone knows the answer. If a doctor screw up and ignores a problem, in fact he didn't even bother to look at the affected body part.  He just assumed he knew what the problem was, didn't diagnose or treat it correctly .. and because he failed to recognize the beginning of an infection, the infection raged for a month... on the 7 or 8 visits in less than 5 weeks, I went into the office crying, with my leg 3 times larger than it was supposed to be.  At that point (thankfully my doctor was gone for the holiday) and they sent me to his cover doctor.  Who immediately asked what my blood work showed... what my the xray revealed, how did the MRI look?? To which I could only answer that they looked non existent because my doctor never bothered to order any of those tests.  He immediately guessed it was an infection, ( but then again he actually looked at it).  Because the infection was untreated so long it was very difficult to clear up.  In fact it wasn't possible to cure and 2 years later they had to cut off my leg.

So my question is do I have any legal recourse almost three years later.Let me know if anyone has any experience with medical malpractice

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oh what a sad story...such incompetence from your doctor, I don't know the laws but I would sure talk to a lawyer...I'm sure they would be happy to take your case pro-bono.
Its only been a year post amputation so I don't see that as being over any time limit if there even is such a thing.
consult a law website for the state u live in.
good luck
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Hello Vickey,

Welcome to the Pain Mangement Forum. I am sorry that you had had to endure an amputation. Your story is certainly a sad one as Opus said.

I am not certain about the laws.They differ from state to state. I think the statue of limitations begins at the end of the results from the alleged malpractice which in your case would be the amputation. But that is just a guess based on personal experiences in unrelated legal issues. Malpractice is very difficult to prove. This forum is not focused on legal practices and therefore I think you would be well advised to seek legal counsel.  

Best of luck in your search for answers. Again I am sorry that this has happened to you.
Take Care, Tuck
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It really depends on what state your in. I would think you still have recourse though.
I know of an excellent legal advice forum that is free that consist of lawyers and law students that can answer your questions. I will locate it for you and post it in a few minutes okay:)
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I can't find the one I have used in the past but these look like they may be able to help you with your questions.
I do have a good friend that is a lawyer so if you will tell me what state your in I will find out some info for you:)
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Okay I found the site I use here is the link.
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