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Injections that may work for back pain.

As a malabsorption barriatric with 8 years now of living on oxy, tramadol, etodolac, methadone, gabs and over the counter crap...all together some days, no insurance, but I have to be able to get up right?  I've had PT, nerve block, even had a cauterization in my back, wrong nerve. I'm scared to death to have another injection that doesn't last more than 2 weeks.  I can't work, I'm either in pain or too messed up to not be in pain.  Can anyone out there suggest an injection that has really worked for chronic pain?  The meds help block the pain sensors in my brain, but only if they have time to get into my bloodstream.  Otherwise they go down the drain, if you know what I mean.  I'm only 50.  I cannot leave my husband continue to carry everything, it shames me and put to much stress on him.  Any help guys I would truly appreciate.

God Bless
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You should probably post this in the pain management forum. Best of luck to you though.
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