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Intercostal Nerve Block

I had a Intercostal Nerve Block six days ago for Chronic Chest Pain that I have had for over a year now. The day of the block I was numb and the next day my pain was somewhat better I could actually tolerate the day for the first time in a long time but the next day it was back full fledged and has been ever since obviously the steroid is not working so my question is Does this mean the pain is not coming from the nerve???? I have had 3 CT Scans, MRI of the Thoracic Spine, several x-rays, Nuclear Stress Tests, Echo, and a Cardiac Cath over the past 18 mths  to rule out heart problems and tumors etc....I dont know where to go next and Im just tired of this constant pain in the left front side of my chest its ruining the quality of my life...any input on this would be greatly appreciated..Thanks Sunshine
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Going back today for another round of injections, my Dr wanted to go in and kill the nerves with phenol but I asked for more injections first so I can really pay attention how it feels this go round, dont know if I can handle my whole left breast being numb forever or for at least six mths but I guess its better then the pain
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Thank You for your input it means alot to me, I have not been on any oral steroids as of yet. I go back to my Pain Dr. tomorrow as a follow up on the injections I received last week. Im trying to stay positive I was really praying this was gonna work, he did say I may need a few more injections if the one didnt work and being Ive had this pain for so long now he said it may never go away completely. Thats not encouraging but if I get a lil relief it would be better than none at all, like said I had ONE day the day after the injection that I felt a lil better I just want a lil more, so Im hoping that since I did get a little relief the next day that it is the nerves that are causing this pain because if not we are back to square one trying to find the source its about to drive me crazy. Ive been given nothing at all for the pain no NSAID not anything, its just go home and suffer....Im really needing a break right now. Well thanks for your time and I'll let you know what he says tomorrow...shine
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Hi Sunshine,

I am far from an expert so please don't consider my opinion as gospel. Your treating physician will have the best answers for you.

The numbing agent that was utilized should have dissipated in several hours rather then days. If you had no pain or at least greatly reduced pain immediately following the injection it's my understanding that it means they located the source of your pain. If it were not the correct location the numbing agent would have had little or no effect on the pain.

The fact that the pain returned may only means that the steroid wasn't very effective in treating your pain. It may require a second or third injection. It may also be that a steroid is not going to be very effective in reducing your specific pain. Finding what works and what doesn't work in controlling our pain is often a trial and error process. I and many others here know the frustrations that accompany that process.

Are you currently being treated by a PMP? If not I would consult one. If you are and he/she is not finding any solutions it may be time for another pain management opinion.

I assume you have been on an oral burst of steroids. If you haven't you might want to discuss this with your physician. Sometimes it can take several rounds of oral steroids along with an effective NSAID to reduce the inflammation. If you've been that route and it hasn't touched it you may not have the correct diagnosis.

Have you consulted a rheumatologist? I am not suggesting arthritis as many ppl seem to associate a rheumatologist with arthritis. There are all kinds of inflammatory processes that are not arthritic in nature. A good rheumatologist can sort through all the possibilities.

I encourage you to keep trying to find a solution. Don't be discouraged for more then a day....sometimes hope is all we have so hang on to it. Our members may have other suggestions for you.

Please let us know how you are doing. I'll look forward to your updates. I wish you the best of luck and hope to hear from you soon.

Take Care,
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