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I also have stomach pain, and groin pain with Spinal Stenosis, and the doctor pays no attention just gives me some Traminol. This stuff get worse every year with the pain, When I save up enough money I'll move to a marijuana state for medical marijuana. Doctor think there gods because they don't listen to me or the patient from what I hear talking to others. An I have the MRI's to prove what I say is true.
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Hi Fancyod,

Welcome to our Community. I am so sorry to hear about your untreated pain - and non- empathetic physician. Not all physicians are like this - as Remar so wisely told you. You are not alone. Many of us have found physicians with the same attitude. It's the new opiate-phobic climate - and the fear of the DEA that makes this more than norm that the unusual.

As you have an MRI that verifies your reason for pain you should be able to find a more compassionate and understanding PMP.

Tramadol is now a Schedule IV opiate under the Controlled Substances Act. More potent opiate like Hydrocodone (Vicodin) or Oxycodone (Percocet) are Schedule II opiates. Many physicians feel more comfortable prescribing a Schedule IV over a Schedule II. Apparently your physician falls into that category. That doesn't mean, especially given your DX that there aren't PMPs that would provide you with more effective opiate therapy.

Spinal Stenosis is difficult to treat with non-invasive methods. In many instances your future most likely holds surgical intervention.  As you know Spinal Stenosis means your spinal canal is becoming narrowed - nerve compression is either happening or will happen. As the narrowing (stenosis) increases so will your pain. Has Lyrica or Gabepentin been suggested as many have found it a helpful addition to medication therapy.

As Remar suggested - seek another PMP. You don't have to wait to move to a state that has legalized medical marijuana to have pain control. My research says that rent and housing prices have risen to out of sight highs in states with legalized medical marijuana. Sadly not only do Chronic Pain Patients have to save significant amounts of money - they have to have a significant monthly income to reside in those states.

If you need suggestions on how to locate a PMP please feel free to ask. You should not have to live with uncontrolled chronic pain. We're here to offer our support and information. We'll look forward to hearing from you again soon.

Best of Luck,
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I recommend you see another pain Dr. Believe it or not, not all Drs are like the one you have. Some of them are very caring and compassionate.
Moving away could cost a lot of money and while you're saving you're still in pain.
Do a research on pain Drs in your area. It will say on most of their websites what treatments they have so you'll know if they prescribe medications or not.
I'm sorry, I forgot to ask if you're seeing a family Dr or a pain specialist. I just took it that you're seeing a pain Dr. If you're seeing your family Dr he/she can recommend one or more pain specialists. Do some research on your own too. It might take a little while to get an appointment, but maybe not. I got my appointment pretty fast. You will have to have your records transferred and that will include your MRI. Almost all pain Drs will require a contract and you will most likely be asked to give a urine sample the first visit so make sure nothing is in your system except the Tramadol.
I'm so sorry you're going through this. Since all of this started with pain medications last year a lot of Drs are afraid to prescribe them. A good pain specialist will, or should not, afraid to prescribe meds to a patient that needs them.
I'm sorry my comment is so long. We're always here to help any way we can. This is a great forum with several wonderful and very knowledgeable people so I'm sure you will get more advice as to what you can do about your situation.
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