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Is it time Pain Patients organize and lobby the legislators?

I am a 69 yr. old who has had to have had 26 surgeries (so far). Thus, I have chronic pain, at times more sever than at others. I have become very aware of the push by state and federal officials to contain and curtail the use of opioid pain medications. It seems that the only voices they hear from are the drug rehab communities, sheriff and police departments and "concerned citizens" (whatever they are).
As a user of pain medications since 2001 after my first spinal surgery (broke off a piece-not fun) and who has major, documented needs for relief, I am concerned that even those MD's who understand and try to aid people like us are going to be pressured to eventually cut back or even cut out the use of the medications that help us live semi-normal lives.
I'm new here so if I violate any rules, I am sure someone will contact me...BUT, that said, if anyone is interested in trying to organize in some form or fashion, give me a shout with your ideas. Lenny @: ***@****
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Hi yes it is time. I don't know if you use twitter but under pain patients there are many people who are being cut off.

At the same time pain patients are being cut off there are drugs coming from China which appear to be vicodin, percocette or oxycontin but contain Fentanyl or even worse Carfentanyl. They are killing people.

Pain patients are being blamed and cut off. The best thingyou can do is try to find petitions to sign. Write to your congressman.

The AMA doesn't seem to care. So the choice iseems to be death or suboxone

Good luck
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It is time that we act. We are in pain because of the drug addicts. How dare the EVIL DEA to throw a net over all of us. They ALL should be locked up with the drug abusers. Its a very bad time to be a pain patient. Watch heroin sky rocket along with suicide! I live in a bad city and see people abusing pain meds and they make me sick. I never wanted to be on these freaking pills in the first place. I had no choice. I got spinal problems that impinges a nerve and causes horrific knee pain and foot pain. It comes from my lower back. These Doctors are under all kinds of pressure by the government. Thats what happens when government gets involved. They get it ALL wrong!!! Yes Id like to appear at the DEA right outside there building. This has put me out of work with absolutely no hope, no way to get out of poverty.oh I'm on a miniscule 5mgs of oxycodone and 15 Mgs of oxymorphone. It reduces pain only by about 30% if that which makes it too painful for me to hold down any job. I walk around in anger because I'm in pain. I also carry a gun. Im pissed!!!!!!
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This is old (posted Aug. 17... now, it is end of Mar, 2018), but there are slated to be nation-wide PAIN RALLIES on Apr. 7, 2018... check either on FB or on Twitter: "Don't Punish Pain". A I am in similar situation. Was just "cut off", and am trying to cut down. God bless us all in this Easter season, and good luck to us all. The DEA and FDA (etc.) need to see the light.
Thank you for sharing . Yes, Don't Punish Pain rallies will be held April 7th in most states at the Capitol. Now pain relief is no longer given post op in many situations. Even cancer patients are often being cut off with no provocation. It's a witch hunt. Doctors fearing prosecution are cutting patients off, no taper in many cases.
Dee, I was shocked when my husband had back surgery and came out of the operating room with no meds in his IV. He was about to lose his mind because he was in so much pain. I begged his Dr to give him something but he wouldn't. When we got up to his room I begged his nurse to give him something. I guess she got tired of me and finally went to the head nurse and came back with one pill. Yep, one pill. And he was sent home with no prescription for pain. Anyone that's had back surgery knows the pain it causes. It was inhumane to do  this to my husband. Our dog came home with pain meds after having 2 teeth removed. I'm a CPP. My original Dr was working at 2 different clinics. He decided to cut it down to 1. So we had a new Dr come in. He's going to be leaving soon and now we have another new Dr who comes from a clinic that only prescribes meds to 2% of their patients. I got to see the nurse practitioner on my last visit and she told me in his first few days there he was cutting people down or taking them off of their meds. Why are these Drs not fighting for us? Most of them have no idea what it's like to be in pain 24/7. I'm so worried that on my next visit he's either going to cut my meds or take me off of them. What I take helps me to do some of the things I need to do. Don't they realize that we're losing people everyday to suicide or because they feel they have no choice but to go to street drugs or buy off the internet? I do sign petitions and I did write a letter to this new Dr explaining what it's like to be a CPP. If you know of any petitions I can sign will you please send me a message? I only know of 1 site so far. There has to be more. Take care, and thank you for letting us know about April 7th. I really hope it helps us CPP's.
Thanks, Remar. Sorry for delay... I was going to try to go, but too many complications re: weather, etc. (I don't drive). I don't think there will be much of a turn out where I am... another sudden snow storm! I hope they have another one! In solidarity...
I just found a website called  "US Pain Foundation".  They may be able to help all of us.
Doctors are not listening anymore.  So now we have to go to a Family doctor & a Pain Management.  I can't afford both co-pays every month
I just went to that site... it seems to be a bunch of gov't rigamarole, established during the Obama admin.; the research hasn't been updated since 2014. Their last meeting was 2017! I did write them a scathing comment, in evaluating one of their pages.

Yes, I agree with you, and am in similar situation. I now have to go to both specialists (and more!) Doctors just want to protect themselves from gov't and medical board surveillance. Big Brother has arrived. I am trying to appease all my docs, and to be compliant... do I have a choice? Meanwhile, I am in pain, as I wait to see if I will be treated. The other problem with all this, is that there are significant delays to treatment; more tests to run, documentation... and now, the latest CDC recommendation, is that if one requires opiates and is also taking benzos, one has to go off the benzos. God forbid, we should be less anxious whilst going thru all this! They want ppl on heavier psych drugs w/ more side effects.
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