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Just curious

I see a sub,doc.I take monthly drug screens,and my doctor went on vacation for the week I go ,so he's allready pre wrote out scripts ,so I was wandering if they will wait to do my drug sreens for when he comes back or will I still get the drug screen? Usually I get my screen done doc.checks it and if all good we continue but if not then my dose gets changed as my visits go back to weekly as well, .so it doesn't make since that they would while on break say if I was dirty they would have to change my meds,but can't without doc.so u think they will while he out only this 1 week that I'm scheduled to be in.?
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Hello and Welcome,

If I understand your question correctly - you want to know if the clinic will preform a scheduled or routine urinary drug test  (UDT) in your PMP absence? Is that what you are asking?

I can only guess - as not all PM Clinics operate the same. I would count on that UDT - rather your PMP is physically at the clinic or not. I think it will be done.

Take Care,
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Not knowing your doctor or clinic I couldn't say. I know around here you never know when you ar going to get screened. If it's to use I wouldn't take a chance you never know.
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If you have a visit, they may or may not. Sometime they write an order for the nurses to change the dose if you are dirty. Sometimes they will do the test and save the results for the doctor to review when he gets back. Or they may choose not to do it at all. As a nurse and pain patient myself why would you want to risk losing your meds at all? If you are going to use make sure its not in your system when you have an appt (whether the Dr is out of town or not). If you're just picking up the script without an appt , they USUALLY won't do a screen
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