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Kicked Out of Pain Management

I am new here, but have read some good posts and helpful responses. So, I thought I would give this a try.

I suffer from chronic Lyme disease, Babesiosis and adrenal failure. I have been in PM for almost a year. I have never seen the doctor. I have only been seen by the NP, Kristin, who has never been friendly to me at all.

About four months ago, Kristin started asking me a lot of questions about my diagnosis. She wanted to know when I would be better. She also told me that she doesn't know what Lyme disease is (she has told me this multiple times), yet she never bothered to read the literature I brought her. I began to suspect that she might not want me as a patient, anymore.

Around that same time, at one appointment, following the requisite monthly pill count, she told me that I was short. She didn't kick me out right then, but boy did she read me the riot act. Later, when I was leaving, I bumped into her assistant. I told her I was very concerned, but she said that I was only one or two short and that people come in with a lot more missing than that. She told me not to worry, that Kristen's bark was worse than her bite.

Well, today, at my monthly appointment, Kristin discharged me from the clinic, stating that, I was one pill short. This time, I know she was splitting hairs because I saw her at around 1:00 PM, and I should have had one pill left for the day (I was taking 3, 30MG oxycodone per day), which I had, along with two more days of medication. I was not short. And, to add insult to injury, she conducted the entire exam exactly as she normally did, before she fired me. She even made copies of some tests that I had brought from my specialist, BEFORE she kicked me out. Why would she pretend like everything was normal only to drop the axe at the end? It felt cruel and calculated.

So, now,I don't know what to do. I fear that no pain clinic will take me, since I have been kicked out of this one. Was there anything I could have done to prevent this from happening? It's like a dictatorship, where she can say whatever she wants, and the truth doesn't stand a chance.

She did give me a 30-day supply, because she legally had to, but I am so worried about the excruciating pain that is sure to come when I run out. How can I get into another pain clinic with this hanging over me?

Thank you for taking time to help me with this. Suggestions welcome.

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I hate to hear this type of story, but presently ANY deviations weather on purpose or not just gives them reason to discharge you.

IMHO I believe that many PM clinics or doctors no longer like the hassle of dealing with the new narcotics regulations

I see there point of being scared to lose there license if something happens under their watch.
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I agree lots of doctors are not  comfortable with the new rules and seem to be looking for a way out.  This scenario is sad, though.  It's like you were dropped for essentially nothing.  It is so hard to find a good pain clinic.  I left the one I was at because they kept increasing my dose and had me on way too many meds for me to be comfortable with.  The guy I have now, though, is all about the rules and sort of leaves the patient in the lurch at times.  He doesn't listen well and is only about meds.  My old group had different procedures to try, a pain psychiatrist to help with the outlying issues.  My primary thought it would be better to be under one umbrella, so to speak but it's not a great group.  Only one doctor who is a bit overwhelmed with the numbers.  You probably need to start calling around to find a new doc.  I would write a letter to be put in your file so your side of the story is there.  I'm sure you'll find someone but it may take a while, so you may want to taper your meds until you can find someone new.  You could also go over this person's head to her supervisor and explain what's going on.
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Hi Sirenn,

Oh boy, do I have a similar story. The difference between you and I is that Ii acquired a prescription from an unauthorized pharmacy. Well, I did not but was discharged anyway.

I fought this one tooth and nail...I had my contract right in front of me and it clearly stated that I had added that pharmacy to my list, there were 2.

I was notified when I called in for my refill and was told that I had been dismissed and that all upcoming appointments had been cancelled.

I took my contract, scanned it and wrote the biggest complaint to both patient relations and the State Medical Board. Well, I WON. I no longer would agree to see this Doctor and was assigned a new one. Things after that went smoothly.

For some reason unknown to me, she never did treat me with respect. I had always passed my UA with flying colors and pill count was on target.

The weird thing about this mess was that I had seen her 2 times after refilling at the alternate pharmacy and nothing was said. Go figure.

The Doctor quit her practice shortly thereafter. I wonder why?

So, I feel that your Doctor or NP had it in for you from the beginning. I doubt that she believed you were in pain. Doctors are very ignorant when it comes to Lymes Disease. Most don't know the complications the this disease can cause. Chronic Lymes Disease can be very painful.

Find a new clinic and explain your story. You should be alright. If you feel wronged, call patient relations like I did and tell them how important your treatment is to you.

Good luck,
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Just a couple things, you said she gave you a 30 day supply because she legally had to, actually, that was a courtesy, she isn't required by any law to provide any pain medications. I'm not judging here, I just wanted you to know that its NOT a legal requirement.

I would make an appointment with your regular doctor or the doctor who manages your Lyme disease and either ask them to take over your medication management or give you a referral to a new Pain doctor. Also many doctors are getting away from prescribing high doses of short acting medication, it makes the DEA look at them harder, and they tend to get away from that for fear of losing their license. It might be better to ask your GP for a long acting medication, its much less of a red flag. Good luck!
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I'm sorry to hear you were treated so poorly. I have a good friend that suffers in pain due to Lyme Disease so I can understand the debilitating pain you must be in.

To protect yourself and make sure you continue to receive the necessary treatment
SURPRISE the HELL out of them and tell them that you would like to submit a Urine Screen. Yes, a Urine Screen. This will tell the Doctors the amount of Metabolites(Medication) that is in your system. They can measure this down to the Nano GM per ML,..If your compliant,..you have nothing to worry about.

A secondary test is available, Paid by Medicare, called Pharmacogenetics. Its a simple cheek swab. This test will tell the doctor exactly how your body metabolizes medications, what Medications would be the most Therapeutic for your Genetic Makeup, and what would be the right dose for you. Truly Amazing!!

With the combination of these two tests their is no reason for a doctor to doubt any patients need or lack there of in receiving their Medications. The lab that I have recommended to my doctor is Ameridrug Labs for Urine and PGxl Labs for the DNA Swab..

Good Luck.

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I agree with a lot of the above advice.  You need to write a letter to their office as well as the State Board.
I have seen a doctor that just kept upping the strength of my meds.  I left there and start a new doctor on Monday.  But I will not take narcotics due to the side effects.  Talk to you Lyme disease doctor.
Hang in there.  There are good doctors out there they are very hard to find.
Good luck
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