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Kicked out of clinic

My wife's knees are getting much worse.she takes 3 5mg percs. her pain arnp told her to experiment and take more. but don't run out. she mistakenly ran out.now they let her go. can she get back into another clinic?
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That is horrendous that they gave her such instructions knowing that she would have to take less or none at all on some days to make it to the end of the month for a refill.  They should have given her extra percocet if they truly wanted to give her the leverage to experiement with the dosing to determine what dose works best for her pain.  I am truly sorry that this has happened to her.

I think she will be able to find another doctor to help her manage her pain.  Just be upfront and truthful with the new doctor about what happened.  If the previous clinic put false information on her medical record, be sure to file a complaint with the state medical board in which you reside.  

Many chronic pain patients have been booted out of a pain management clinic for failing a urine test though they swear they were taking the medication as prescribed.  Urine tests are extremely inaccurate.  Many of these folks were able to find new doctors to treat their pain despite the negative information regarding failing the urine test on their medical record.

I would start giving other pain management physicians a call asap so that she can start receiving treatment again for her pain.

Please keep us updated on how things are going for her.

Take care.

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Hey it depends on the state she lives in and how strict they are.... things are getting worse with DEA breathing down the doctors, you can't mess up, not having enough pills is a "variance" and that is just as bad as having an illegial drug in your U/A, they have little to no tolerance.  And in the state where I live, if you have such a variance then no other doctor in the state with prescribe narcotics.  I would suggest her making an appoint to see the doctor again and remind him what he said, they are human & often forget such details, and may admit his mistake.... My doc did a couple appts ago.  Good luck.  Inbox me if you want to chat.  I am here for you guys!
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