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Klonopin for nerve pain?

Does anyone have any experience with klonopin for nerve pain, I see that along with its anti-anxiety properties that it also has neurological effects towards pain control. Ive had issues in the past with opiates but benzo's have nether been my thing, they usually just made me tired if I took too much and that was only a few times. I was constantly on opiates of one kind or another and was always to affraid of mixing the two for fear of overdosing. So I know how addicting they can be and my doctor would be fully aware of my potential for abuse, but if I got some pain control out of it then it would be worth it. I already take 2-3mgs of xanax and am planning on starting a taprer here soon, but Ive been getting conflicting reports about klonopin and valium being easier to withdrawl off than xanax or ativan because of the different half lives. Most of the info Ive read said that doctors usually use valium to get ppl of xanax then/or klonopin to taper them off the valium. Ive also read that valium, although having a half life of 100hrs, is the least addictive of the popular benzos and xanax and klonopin are more addictive and worse w/ds. Really all I really want to know is since Im already taking a benzo for genralized anxiety/panic attacks, would it be a wise choice to try klonopin out and see if I could get some nerve pan relief along with anxiety relief, kinda of killing two birds with one stone. Again I know that there are many other first line medicines for nerve pain that most of whcih Ive tried, neurontin, lyrica, amitrypilline, acupuncture and some others, but I dont want to go use any sort of opiate for pain. So has anyone who has taken klonopin who had some kind of nerve pain get any relief???? That is the question. Thanks.
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Hi Redbluffer,

I have not taken the medication. I do know that medications are often used off label in various ways. I don't know if this would be effect in treating your pain. I am hopeful others will respond that may have personal experience with this medication.

Good luck in your search, Tuck
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For right now Im going with cymbalta and lyrica, so far its helped a little bit. I was just wondering if anyone had any experience with klonopin for nerve pain. I just started the cymbalta today so Im hoping it will help along with the lyrica. I wish everyone a pain free day, take care.
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I am on Klonapin 1mg. I was supposed to take it twice a day but I only take it toward the evening because it makes me really tired. I think it helps more than Cymbalta. My pain doctor also just put me on Clonidine twice a day. I was having clonic jerks and hyper excitable peripheral nerves and the Klonapin stopped them.  
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Yes, I take it for neurological pain.  It was initially prx for panic but the psyc./pain specialist told me it also works to calm nerve pain.
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psyc./pain specialist told me it also works to calm nerve pain.  - I will have to agree with you however why is it that the docs at a pain clinic disagreed when I brought this up. And they were all dead against benzos, period.  I started getting massively painful cluster headaches Sept 2009 & had to quit working and living life for 2 full painful and confusing weeks. I had  1mg per day lorazepam rx'd to me then, as well as   5mg Oxycontin x 4-6 per day for scoliosis pain & when I told the docs that the oxy helped my head aches 99% did not believe it.  Today, I take 0.5mg clonazepam and can say it works.  Also, at my worst with last years cluster head pain lorazepam did relax me as I would go into a full blown panic, just like you would if being suspended over a open fire and prepared to be eaten by cannibals.  Same feeling. worse pain. 2mg put me out for a few hours and I was in no pain for this short time.  The problem with so many docs these days is they are set on treating people base don textbook findings and literature vs common sense & what works.  Listen to people. It really will make a difference and possibly help them.  Regards.  
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Hi buntbean and oxyman80,

Please note that this is an old post and  the original poster isn't active anymore on MH.

It helps to look at the dates on the posts in the archives before posting on them.

I wish you both the best........Sherry  :)
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I have suffered from severe nerve pain stemming from my lower spine/siatic nerve and shooting down my right buttocks and leg.  I recently came down with shingles and the Prednisone caused adverse effects so doc gave me Klonopin to counter act the prednisone.  In this time my nerve pain has been 99% better then it was.  While the klonopin does make me a little tired I am still able to function on a normal level only at a slower pace.  All the while relieved of the severe nerve pain I've had for years.  I've been on vicoden and tramadol for years now to manage the pain but it never provides full relief.  I have tried Lyrica and that caused me severe fatigue after only 4 days so immediately quite taking it.  So far the klonopin is helped with my pain more then any other drug they've given me in the past without adverse side effects.  

I am going to seriously talk to my doctor about this at my next pain management appointment and ask to continue the medication.  I'm also going to let him know how the drug has helped relieve the pain of shingles.  Future shingles patients may benefit from its use.  

I know that benzo's are extremely addicting but so are the other pain meds I've been taking all these years.  If I can take one that actually works very well I will take the chance of addiction over the awful pain I live with every day of my life.  Hope this helps any of you suffering from back nerve pain.  For me it's like a miracle.
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I have been dealing wit leg, hip and foot pain
They feel a sleep but it  feel like a million hot pins sticking in to me. The cramps and pain is so so bad that makes it hard for me to walk. I can take care of my home. My husband has to help me up and down stairs im and out of the bathtub
I hate this i am only 46 and should not have all of the problems. I have had cancer twice the last one spread from my first one whiched move to my right lung. I also has a full hystro and all large intestin removed. Now my lastest pet scan showed 5 new spots in both lung. I am hoping the So i have pain in my body every day 360 days a year. I jope this medication will help with some of this pain. The med is klonopin has it worked for any of you?
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I was prescribed .5 of klonopin for extreme shoulder pain I was having which nothing else seemed to touch, but the klonopin was most effective and at such a lot dose. It's a neurotransmitter or something along the line which blocks pain. It allowed the nerves to rest and in a short period of time... no more pain.
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Bob, What is a "short period of time"?  I've had chronic neck pain for 10 years! I also hit rock bottom with anxiety 1 year ago and until this January was on .75 mg of klonopin.  I have tapered down to .25 mg a day...my anxiety is gone due to cognitive behavioral therapy, but I noticed my neck pain is back.  I googled Klonopin and neck pain today, and I am so surprised all this year my neck pain may have actually been helped by the klonopin (coincidentally).  So maybe I increase it a little for neck pain.  Just wondering how long it takes...days? weeks? thanks!
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Klonopin (clonazepam) is a benzodiazepine, like valium and xanax.

It goes to work quickly, within a couple of hours.

It's used primarily as a muscle relaxant, but has other properties that help anxiety and stress.

Perhaps you'd get some neck pain relief with another muscle relaxant?
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Ive been suffering from nerve pain in between my shoulders and in my left shoulder for around 3 weeks, I take Klonopin and Xanax for anxiety and panic attacks but I just got my klonopin filled again yesterday and when I took it I took around 3 mg of it and within a half an hour my pain was totally gone! Its been hurting so bad that it was almost unbearable! I couldnt believe that it was able to stop my Pain! I never went to the Dr and asked,  I just took them to overcome an anxiety problem I was having and I thank the good lord above that I found this remedy! I never would have believed it until it worked, so I looked it up this morning and my pain is still gone and trust Me, it was extremely excruciating! I just want to let you know that it worked great for me and I hope itll work great for you as well as this is the first time in I dont know how long that I feel great! My pain was so bad that I was taking Tylenol and Advil as well as tramadol which was giving me headaches from taking to much! Thank you for for letting me stumble upon this Fix! It truly worked miracles where over the counter and one prescription for tramadol wouldn't touch it! I sincerely hope you try this to help you as well as it really works!
Your problem though is going to be that you can't get the Klonopin filled in time when you need it again.  It's a controlled substance.  Just be careful and make sure you have some meds to take when you need them.
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Klonopin is an anti-epileptic drug used mainly for seizures, however, it is also used for anxiety such as panic attacks.  There is no efficacy that the drug has any effect on nerve pain although everyone is different and it may work for some people.

I suffer from Pudendal Neuralgia a rare nerve disorder in the perineal area.  About a 2-inch portion of my pudendal nerve is crushed or compressed due to an accident I suffered as a child, although the pain did not manifest until I reached adulthood.  It's extremely unending pain unless you can lie down or on your side.

My doctor prescribes Klonopin, Fioricet and Tramadol for pain.  But I've been taking these drugs for over 20 years and built up a huge physical tolerance to them.  Most doctors do not understand this phenomenon and they are not allowed to up the dosages due to the meddling of the DEA and their drug war not just on illegal drugs but now prescription drugs.  

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Go to the link below from the U.S. National Library of Medicine.  It explains how and why Klonopin is not usually prescribed for nerve pain.

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I take clonazepam (klonopin) for panic disorder and seizures. However, in my previous years in pharmaceutical industry, I have never seen it prescribed for nerve pain. I've seen it used for ear problems....I cannot remember the medical term....but ringing in the ear.  Regardless....I question the doctor using it for nerve pain and I have a MD friend I will double check with and ask.
The ear problem is called Tinnitus.
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I had shingles and developed PHN nothing helped the pain, Lírica, Tramadol, Percocet but I noticed that the clonazepam helps the nerve pain. Is the only thing I take .5 mg during the day and sometimes .5 before bed. I have terrible insomnia. I have had the PHN for 4 years :-(
Hopefully that is short term.  Post herpetic neuralgia is something to talk to doctors about for a more long term solution.  
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