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Knee Pain

About 2 weeks ago, while not paying attention (E-mailing) I fell off a curb and landed full force on both my knees onto asphalt. Every time I try to put any force on my knee, or if i brush up against the lower part of my knee I get a sharp pain that feels like I'm grinding glass into my knee. What is this injury, and what can I do to make it go away?
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Hi Javon,

First let me welcome you to the Pain Management Forum.  I need to be sure that you know there are NO Doctors on this Forum. We are ALL CP (Chronic Pain) Patients. We help each other through our expertise with our OWN Pain experiences.

I'm VERY sorry to hear of your fall!!  I'm just happy that you weren't hit by a car!  

You REALLY need to go to your Doctor and have them do an x-ray OR an ultra sound and find out what damage you have done to your knees.  Now REMEMBER I'm NOT a Doctor BUT you could have bone fragments or damage to your cartilage or any number of things that are going on with your knee.

PLEASE let us know what you find out as I'm concerned about you!!  

I will be looking for your update...........Sherry
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Hello Javon,

Are you a victim of knee pain? When you are, then you could figure out the perfect suitable treatment method by just going through adequate knee joint prognosis. Knee pain can be due to various situations and might result in serious soreness inside the knee if not treated. The soreness won't only have an effect on your body, but it might also affect your way of life.

Knee pain is caused by many reasons, including the aging process, pain through a car crash, and intensive athletic activities. The foremost reasons behind knee suffering in affected individuals experiencing damage, might be the split ligaments, tendonitis or torn mensicus. Bone injuries can cause extreme problems in the knee also, and the most typical factors that cause this are impact trauma and road accidents.

Well, see you later.

your best regards
James Smith
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