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Knee joint pain

Hi. I am Reddy. When I fold my knees they make some sound(like tuck)..What might be the reason for that and please let me know some exercises in order to cure that..Thank you.
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Hi Reddy,

Welcome to the Pain Mangement Forum. I am sorry that your knees make strange noises. Many of my family members have a similar noisy knees. Since I was a child my knees crack and grind though there has been nothing wrong with them till just recently.

Physicians were never able to tell me the reason. They all said I was just made that way. So if you have no pain it is my guess the same is true for you.

By all means check with your PCP. He/she will provide you with better answers through a clinical examination.

Good luck to You,
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  Hi there.  It really matters what kind of noise it is in your knee and if it is accompanied by pain.  If it is just occasionally popping with no pain, it could be nothing and some exercise like knee bends could strengthen your knee.  On the other hand, it is painful too especially with swelling you may want to see a doc.  If your knee is making a grinding noise for example it could mean that the cartilage is wearing down.
  Especially if this continues to bother you check with your pcp or an orthopedic specialist before exercising or anything!
Hope it feels better soon,
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