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Knee pain, stiffness and popping

Hi my right knee is causing me a lot of problems as well as other unrelated things and I'm currently off work because it affects my job. I've had this since April this year but I did notice my right knee go red, hot and swollen in March. This resolved itself within a few days but I continue to have pain, locking, popping and weakness. The weakness first started in 1998 when someone kicked my leg in from behind me and my knee has given way in 2005, resulting in a bone bruise on my shin from hitting a step on the bus. The bone bruise has healed although I have a dent in my shin from where I hit it.

Popping sound when straightening my leg from a bent position.
Locking and pain when I walk, mostly when I try to straighten it during mobilisation.
Weakness when straightening my leg when standing still, it bends on its own under my weight and this has caused an accident in the past.

Pain in front and inside of right knee
Knee goes even more painful when something light like a duvet cover is on it
Thigh pain
Numbness in leg and ankle

My doctor has prescribed codeine but I don't know if I should have been given this because it causes constipation. And I am already constipated from my hypothyroidism. I have been referred for physio and an x ray. I am still waiting on the letters for these.

prev. Osteo/joint problems: right iliopsoas tendon operated on from snapping hip syndrome, 2011 - it wasn't until this year that I found out that an MRI done in 2009 showed fluid in the hip joint.
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Locking of the knee is never a good sign. Has your doctor performed tests and made a diagnosis?

The codeine is a mild analgesic. Use OTC remedies to treat constipation -- a high-fiber formulation of psyllium husks (like Metamucil), stool softeners (DSS), and osmotic laxatives like Mirilax (POLYETHYLENE GLYCOL 3350). Do not use stimulant laxatives, like senna.

Also, drink between one and two quarts of water daily. Don't substitute coffee or pop for water.

This daily regimen will handle any problems with constipation.

Let us know what your doctor said about the knee.
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Thanks for replying. My doctor has made no official diagnosis but asked me to bend and flex my knee and leg this way and that. She said that my knee joint is a bit loose. I'm getting an x ray to find out and physio but I'm still waiting on both of these letters to get to me. I'll use the codeine and I have laxatives at home. I've been drinking more water lately so a bit more might help.
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OK Starla58. Sometimes a physician will test the cruciate ligaments that criss-cross in the knee by trying to move the lower leg forward or backward over the upper leg.

Let's hope the xray looks good, and the pain goes away soon.

You might also try some aspirin if you haven't already.

Icing is usually helpful with pain, but it is difficult to ice the knee without special equipment. You may be able to find an icepack fit to the knee at your pharmacy or chemist.

And resting the knee includes elevation, but not full extension, so keep a little bend in the knee by placing a pillow underneath.

Best wishes.
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