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Knee pain

Hi my nameis katie, i am a 17 year old and im having really bad knee pain, i have had 4 knee surgeries, i had 2 on my right and my two recent ones were on my left. Im having severe pain in my left leg still and i had surgery in november. My pain is mostly on the side of my knee cap and it swells just by standing, i tried mentioning it to my doctor but he keeps making me wait to see if it gets better, he also recently put my in a patella j brace, to keep my knee in place, but it seems to be making my pain worst. I have no idea what to do, i already had two knee surgeries on this knee and it doesnt seem to be getting better, and from me limping for over 4 years its creating other problems in my hip and back that i also might have to have surgery on in a few months. Some one please help!!
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Hi katie761,

First, I want to welcome you to the Pain Management Forum and let you know that we are glad you found this Forum. I want to let you know that there are NO Doctors on this Forum, only CP  {Chronic Pain}  Patients that help each other with our own expertise and experiences that we have developed through our own CP Issues.

As a Grandmother, it always saddens me when we get a post on this Forum from a young person, especially a teen, that is suffering as much as you are.  How terrible that you have already encountered so many surgeries in your young life.  Most people will not go through as many surgeries in a lifetime as you have already encountered in your brief 17 years!!  

Have you told your Mom or Dad just how much pain you are having?  If you have what did they say?

Honey,would you mind telling us what caused you to need the surgeries on your knees?  Were you in sports and received injuries or was it an accident of some sort?

I can definitely relate to your pain as I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis in my 20"s and had my first, of three, hip implants in my left hip by the age of 35.  You are correct to be concerned about the limping being a cause of you having to have another surgery, but this time on your hip.  I had to put my first hip implant off for 7 or 8 years because when I was diagnosed back in 1974 the implants were new and wouldn't have lasted more than 5 years on a 28 year old.  Doing this caused a disc to rupture in my back which caused back surgery and the side effect of that was more arthritis, this time in my back.  :(  This in turn led to DDD (Degenerative Disc Disease) which has caused life-long CP.  You must be careful with the limping and do some serious talking with your Doctor and discuss the possible side-effects that could be happening with your hip!!

Have you told the Doctor about the additional pain the the Patella J Brace is causing you?  Was the brace fitted specifically for you by a specialist?  I wore one when I fell and injured my knee years ago and a Physical Therapist fitted the brace to me to be sure that it was a good fit. This is something to bring up to your Doctor to be sure that it's the correct fit for your leg, if it doesn't "feel right" to you.

Remember that we aren't Doctor's on this website, but I'm wondering if you might have developed Arthritis after all of the surgeries? As I said, I know that's a possible side-effect after you've had surgeries.  Has your Doctor done additional MRI's or x-rays since this additional pain began? If he has did they show anything? I'm just trying to come up with some ideas for you as a possible reason for your additional pain.

Again, I'm so sorry that you are having all of this pain!!  I hope that you will stay in contact with us and keep us updated as to how you are doing, as well as what your Doctor tells you.

I'll be looking for you update..............Sherry  :)
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thanks for caring :), and yes i was in sports i was a gymnast and a dancer. All my knee pain started when i was in gymnastics with the cracking and swelling. So when i was 14 that's when i had my first knee surgery i had a plica i think that's how you spell it, and some cartilage damage. My second knee surgery they couldn't find out what was wrong, my MRI's and X-rays all came back clear so i ended up wearing a knee brace for 7 months so he said he could do arthroscopic surgery to see what he finds, and it turned out to be that i tore my MCL and at this point i was already out of gymnastics for two years and wasn't doing any activity's so i have no idea how it happened. Then i started having pain in my right knee which felt the same way as my left knee when the pain started, it turned out to be that i also developed a plica in that knee to and tore something i forgot what it was called, and my recent surgery was in november and i tore the same thing from before, i dont remember the name of it, i know it started with an L though. but during all of this i have other problems such as depression dnd anxiety and all my doctors thought i was making everything up, it was a really hard time for me and still is because i just developed back problems, and i have had my hip problems the same amount of years that my knee have been bad, but at the time my knees were worst so i decided to get them looked at first. I also was once told that i have circulation problems but never had doctor appointments set up for it so it was ignored and still is, my feet get extremely blackish,purple and they are cold 24?7 even with slippers and socks on, and i get radiating pain from my knee caps down to the bottom of my feet and i have to say its one of the worst pains that i have experienced besides surgery. It hurts when i sit or stand for lond periods of time so either way i cant do anything about it, and my feet go numb, anything i do doesn't help :(
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Katie, have you and your parents ever thought about getting a second opinion from another Doctor?  This is very disconcerting, especially the circulation problems that cause your feet to turn "blackish, purple" and stay cold 24/7!!

I hope that your parents will consider letting you get your back problems checked out. As a Grandmother, as well as a CP (Chronic Pain) Patient with severe back pain, I know what can happen with you in the years to come.  You need to get some answers as quickly as possible.  Your parents will need to lead the way for you on this.  Have you talked to them about any of this?  What have they said to you about your pain?  

Katie, when you have such CP (Chronic Pain) as you do then it is natural that you would have depression as well as anxiety.  It's difficult enough when you are older, like I am, as well as most of us on MH (MedHelp), but here you are ONLY 17 years old and facing terrible pain as you are, I would be extremely surprised if you didn't have some depression and anxiety!!  

Have they given you anything at all to help you with the pain? If so, what have they prescribed for you?  Sometimes the Doctor's are very hesitant to give a person as young as you are anything to help with the pain as you will probably be facing this pain for the rest of your life.  When you are this young, there's only so much that they can do for you. :(

Once again, I'm so sad that this has happened to you.  I'm also, sad that you can no longer do the sport that you loved so much!! This can also lead to depression and anxiety as well as the pain.  

I'm so grateful that you answered my post to you and I hope that you will continue to use us here for support as you go forward through this pain.  It truly helps to let your feelings be known and connect with others that have been down the road that you are on.

I'll be watching for your updates!!

I'm sending you Mega ((((HUGS))))..........Sherry  :)
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Thanks :) I do tell my mother about my problems, she doesn't like to listen so im basically doing this all on my own. It seems impossible right now to get better and im graduating next month and i really dont want to go to college in the fall with all of these problems, it seriously scares me :( I go to a school where they help me with my depression because it got really bad to the point where i almost died, and that's one thing i do not want to come back, i dont ever want to be that depressed again, but if i have to deal with this pain i wont be able to control myself. I see my doctor on June 1st and i wont have to wear my j brace anymore, i cant wait because i hate that thing. So hopefully we will figure something out and stop waiting because i don't think i can wait any longer. I am not on any pain meds im almost allergic to all the ones i have tried, i take Motrin  once in a while but it never helps with the pain or swelling so at this point i just deal with it. But i do have to say that today and yesterday have probably been the worst days for my knees and i have no idea why, and thats why i came on here and asked for help because its getting worst. I haven't played a sport or anything even ride a bike or walk around the block in 4 years. I probably wont ever be able to ride a bike ever in my lifetime because of my knees :( from not being able to do anything, my heart has been acting up, its extremely fast and i will start having palpitations just when im sitting on the couch and it will speed up so fast that i wont even feel it beating :( my health problems are starting to scare me, i just want all the pain to go away :(
Thanks for talking by the way it really does help sense no one in my life seems to care, its good to have someone to talk to about this because some days i just want to lay in bed all day because i hurt so bad, and all i wanna do is cry.
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Hi again, so i went to the doctors and found out im having surgery on my right knee on june 30th, he said theres alot going on so instead of arthroscopic surgery im getting cut open :( but ill be ok.
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