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Knee pain

Hi everyone, this is katelyn and i found out that im having surgery on the 23rd on my right knee from all the problems i was having, Im really nervous though because im afraid to go through with the surgery and then it not end up working :(. this will be my 5th surgery and im only 17, and that's probably not good because in the future if i develop any other problems with my legs it might be more severe. So im debating on what i should do, i know i need the surgery but if im gonna have it and then have to have it again im gonna be really upset, and on top of all of this i  have hip problems that i have to keep waiting on because of my knee, and i start college in August and i really dont want to have to go there with all these problems, it's just way to much for me to handle. I already suffer from depression and at this point its getting alot worst. I just wish my body can go back to what it used to be.:(
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thanks namnam46, it means alot, it really does. ans thanks 1bigfish it helps to talk to someone who knows what im going through. it is tough being a 17 year old with these problems and have people looking at me like im faking all the time :( its hard not having support from my family and friends,but after a while i just learn to get used to it, Im happy im having this surgery and im hoping everything goes the way it should, im just mad that so much stuff that i was suppose to do has to wait because of my surgery :( and i dont want to wory about having more surgeries in the future it just upsets me :(, but  thanks guys it really does mean a lot to have your support :))
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I know just how you feel I have had 8 shoulder surgeries and I was nervous on all of them
I say if it has a chance to help you go for it your not out nothing. but having it will most likely help the longer you wait the more you will be in pain.
I had to finally have my shoulder replaced and @ 37 I will have to do it all over again.
the replacement has helped so I'm OK with the pain i still have. And the pill I still take.
you will get thru this and hopefully feel better.

I wish you the best.
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Hi katie761,

I know that you are very concerned about this surgery but I'm "keeping my fingers crossed" that this will be the last surgery that you will need on your knee and you will be able to get the relief that you so desperately deserve!!  

You never cease to amaze me with your courage in handling all of these medical obstacles that you have been faced with.  

Just hang in there and keep your chin up.  I will be here for you and so will everyone else on here.  :)  Whenever you need to talk or to vent just get on here and we can be your sounding board.  

I'm very hopeful that your hip will get some relief after your knee is repaired.  That has been a huge stress on your hip as we talked about in your earlier post.  You are so very young to have to be facing these problems for the rest of your life and it's so unfair when a young person has CP (Chronic Pain) such as you have.  

Katie, just remember what I've told you, that I'm here for you ANYTIME!!!

You will be in my Thoughts and Prayers.  I'm sending you MEGA ((((HUGS)))).................Mama Sherry  :)
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