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Knee pain?

I need advice on what to do about the pain in my knee. I got into a small accident while biking last weekend. While biking along the main stretch of town, I collided with the side of a pick-up truck backing out between two buildings. He couldn't see me and I didn't see him until it was too late. Neither one of us was going very fast and there wasn't even any damage to my clothes from where I hit the pavement, so I figured the bumps and bruises were going to be the end of it. But a few days later, my left knee started to hurt. At first, it was just a little sore when I bent it--like to bike or go up and down stairs. By this morning, even just walking around caused pain. I feel it along either side of my knee and around the back, not really in/around my kneecap. It's a dull ache that turns sharp when the knee is bent a certain way. I've found that bending it at a 90 degree angle (like to sit down) doesn't hurt as much as bending it to say, a 45 degree angle (like to go up and down the stairs). I've been using ibuprofen, icing it, and using an ace bandage to keep it immobile, but none of it seems to be working. Help?
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How does it fell if you stand on that leg only, and twist your upper leg, while lower leg stays straight?
Could be a meniscus tear. But, it could just be a contusion. (bruise in the soft tissues)
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You should really have this checked out by your doctor to make sure there is not permanently damaged.  Until then take it easy and ice your knee.  Good luck!
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