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Knotted muscles in upper shoulder and neck

How can I relieve some of the knots and pain from my upper shoulders and neck naturally? This has been going on for 3+ weeks now. I have tried to "stretch" it out but that's not working. HELP!
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Hi Suzy,

Welcome to our Pain Mangement Forum.

Do you have a diagnosis?  Have you seen a physician? If no than I urge you to do so. Any suggestion that you may find here or elsewhere could harm an already injured shoulder. Please let us know.

Take Care,
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if you have tennis balls put one on the floor and lie on it. Allow your back and neck to roll gently over the tennis ball. If you are in a lot of pain hold off on this one.   Also, look on the internet how to give your self gentle massage.  Basically massage your neck area very gently so as not to bring on a migraine or headache with opposite hand to opposite side of neck. So left hand massage right side of neck very gently and then do the other side.  
For your upper back put pillow on your bed.  Place your upper back on the pillow so your head is hanging off the pillow.  Arms out to the side. This gives you a good stretch through your chest and upper back.  And do some gentle breathing.  If you do breathing exercises begin each thing I mentioned with gentle breathing exercises. If you do not breath properly, go on internet or pick up a book at the library, used book store, or book store on breathing exercises.  I have fibromyalgia, chronic pain, 7 surgeries on my back and neck.  These all have helped me over the years.  Breathing is key as well as
foods, and what you drink can affect back and neck pain so look in to that as well.  Best of luck.
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Have you had an MRI yet?  I had the same problem and it turned out that I have 2 disc protrusions.  I'm working with a PM doctor for treatment.  Medication only helps a small amount, but I've already tried may other options.  My next appt is friday, so I will keep you informed of what other options that are out there.
Hope you feel better
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you've had good suggestions....I would also like to add and ask if you have tried acupuncture?
My son has chronic upper shoulder and neck tension, he has tried lots from physio to massage to chiropractors...all have helped some.
Just yesterday he tried acupuncture for the first time and felt IMMEDIATE relief....he will need 2 more treatments next week and maybe less often after that, but he was sure pleased so far.
good luck
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Thank you so much for your input!!

I forgot to tell you that I have Osteoarthritis just about all over...it has fused the upper part of my spine together. The muscles that are giving me problems are in rolled up knots. I'm pretty sure it's from sitting in front of a computer for 8 hours a day. I know...what a dingy profession!! I have had an MRI and acupuncture. I am woking on my "stretching" exercises but will look up "self massage" techniques. I would love to try the tennis balls but am afraid if I get in the floor on my back I may not be able to get up!! LOL...You are all wonderful and thank you again!!
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Very helpful thread, thank you all
I am suffering very similar pain in upper arm
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