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L side/t spine pain

Over the past 2 weeks I have been having a sharp pain in my Left side/back at T7 level. Can't equate it to any particular injury or activity. It is getting worse despite massage, ice, naproxen and Tyl#3. Today I actually broke down and went to clinic and got cortisone shot but it feels worse. I know it takes awhile for stuff to work but this is a real pain! I do have osteoarthritis and religiously take my calcium and exercise-any suggestions on what else to try? I do also have scoliosis and have it at that level-any relationship?
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Hello mser. Have you had an MRI, X-ray or CT Scan lately? I would be concerned with the Scoliosis. As you get older, the spine will tend to curve more which can cause pain. I too have Scoliosis and this is happening to me. I would get an appointment as soon as you can and maybe have the Doc do some imaging. I'm sure that the Osteoarthritis is no help either. I wish I had more advise to give you. Good luck in the future and I hope things work out for you.
Take care,

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Hello MSER,

I am sorry to learn about your pain. We all know that CP is a cruel, life changing condition. I agree with Mollyrae. I would imagine that you have had an MRI or some similar diagnostic test as they are treating you with injections. And yes the cortisone can take 3-5 days before the full benefit of the injection is in effect. It may take a repeat injection if the first is not effective, most will do 3 within a year.

Yes it could be related to your Scoliosis but it could be unrelated. I would have have a complete work up (if you haven't already) to obtain a complete diagnosis.  I wish you well and hope you will keep in touch and let us know how you are doing.

Take care, Tuck
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Thanks for your comments. I did have imaging done in 07 and prior to that was told I have an AV malformation at T7 where the scoliosis is so I just assumed it is all because of that plus the osteo. I did see a chiropractor today who agrees that my back there is a mess but was able to manipulate a rib back into alignment. He is going to do 3 more adjustments and I am on antiinflamatory meds plus heat/ice. After that we will see how I am doing. I may need more aggressive tx but I wanted to try this first. I just have to leave the gardening work alone for a week and just enjoy life. Its hard when you are a driven person! I also have an upcoming appt with my physician so she will be checking me out to. I just moved out into the country 150 miles from my doc so it does make dealing with these things a challenge. thanks again steph
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