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Large Bone Infarctions? Serious knee pain, Help?

Hi I recently recieved my mri from my knee, and im having alot of pain, cannot even bear weight on my knee. I am devastated, I thought it was a torn meniscus and so did My Orthopedic Surgeon. Well my mri says I have large bone infarcts on my medial femoral condyle, which extends to weight bearing surface with moderate bone marrow edema. A large bony infarct involving my tibial metaphysis with extension into the proximal diaphysis and bone infarcts in the lateral femoral condyle. I have mild degeneration of my meniscus and small joint effusion.Does anyone know how serious this is and if the pain is mostly relieved by surgery. In my searching the internet bone infarct is the same as osteonecrosis. Im very concerned, anyone know anything please help??
Thank you
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Hi Mommiechris,

       I do know a little about osteonecrosis though dont know exactly what it leads to all the time. I think that it depends on how much of the bone is effected and what area it is in. Basically as I understand it osteonecroisis involves your bone breaking down faster than your body can rebuild it like would happen in a normal injury or during the groeth process.
Has your DR mentioned this diagnosis?
I take it you have been through alot of tests already.

If you feel like your DR isnt really giving you a straight enough answer or enough information maybe getting a seconf opinion would be of some benefit?
I think the longer osteonecrosis goes undiagnosed the more damaging it can do to your bone and joints.

I'm sure more people will come by who understand this a little better than I do and can give you a better indication of what your next step might be.

I hope you find the answers you need!


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Thank you so much fr your help. Yes as ive researched the bone does break down faster than it can rebuilt, and often will spread to the hip when you have it in the knee, I will be seeing my Dr. on Tuesday, hopefully I will get some more questions answered. Thanks again!!
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I'm glad you'll be seeing your DR....Today!
Please let us know how it goes if your able. I hope you leave the DR's office feeling like they answered all your questions.

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Hi there,

I did see my Dr. yesterday and the news wasn't good. I cried half the day yesterday but I am coming to terms with it now. I will have a partial knee replacement due to severe osteonecrosis of the right knee. I will also have metal plugs put in my tibia and femur, due to infarcted lesions. I am scared but I have confidence in my Dr. Im just too young to have something like this so I will be seeing my PC Dr. next week to see if there is an underlying disease process, such as diabetes, lupus, vascular abnormalities ect.
Thank you for your support it is greatly appreciated!!!
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I am so sorry your going through this and at such a young age. I am glad to see you have confidence in your DR as that is important. I really hope your further test come out good and you don't have anymore surprises ahead. Keep us posted and know we are here for you.
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I've been waiting to see what the Doc told you. I'm glad that they are going to look for underlying causes of this event. I am very sorry that you have to under go such extensive surgey. It is very important and wonderful that you have faith in your Doc. That confidence makes a difference. And you have every right to be scared. Take care and I'll be thinking of you and hoping for the best. Tuck
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