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Left side abdomen dull pain

For about 2 months I have been feeling this dull pain in the left upper side of my abdomen that gets intense at times and it goes to my back, I also feel sometimes nauseated, light headed, heartburn and indigestion (like when food gets stuck in my throat) and headaches.  I am not a regular to the bathroom but lately (since the pain started) I'm going to the bathroom more sometimes normal other is like little hard balls.  I used to exercise and/or walk but I've been feeling so down that I haven't done it in almost a year,  I've been unemployed since 5/08 and don't have insurance that's why I haven't visit a doctor.  Can you please give an idea of what this could be and/or if it's life threatening, thank very much!
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Left, colicy, upper-abdominal pain radiating into your back. Nausea & lightheadedness, heartburn & headaches. Problems with your stool...

My thing is kidney-stones (and most/all things renal related), and that's got all the symptoms of a stone, or a kidney-infection (or possibly a UTI).

Colicy pain that radiates into your back is sometimes an indication of renal issues.

I'm not a doctor, and don't have enough information to tell you whether or not it's life-threatening, so I'm not much help to you in that regard.

If the pain is bad enough, you should go to the ER. They have to treat you, and at least stabilize you (and assess your current medical situation), and it's free to you, so maybe consider going to the hospital ER if it's too bad?

My 2 cents... sorry I can't be of more help. Being without health-insurance is a tough situation, and I feel your pain (figuratively & literally).

Good luck to you Sister.


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