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Long Thoracic Nerve Pain - Started with Winged Scapula


I've been dealing with very sharp and discomforting pain for about 4 years now. It started because I had very poor posture when sitting at the computer hunched over for long periods of time. When the pain first occurred, it was so severe that I stayed up all night screaming. The day prior I felt a little soreness in my shoulder, but when the pain came full force I could not even sleep. I never went to the hospital at the time, which I probably should have. The pain lasted for a few days and then I woke up the following morning with a winged scapula. My shoulder blade protruded 2-3 inches from my back for about 3 months. I tried going to physical therapy and few times but found it was not working and it was also too expensive ($100 per visit). The winged scapula finally went away on its own, but a lingering pain remained. When I put pressure on the exact point of the pain, it feels much better. This is only temp. relief. I've found that heavily working my arms and shoulders temporarily numbs the pain as well (ex. Boxing, weightlifting). When I get busy with work and spend long hours at the computer and standing up, my shoulder pain gets far worse. It comes back nearly full force to the night 4 years ago when I could not sleep. I've seen 6 specialist doctors and 1 chiropractor in the 4 years I've had this issue.
Doctor #1 put me on steroids and said it would go away by itself in 1 year
Doctor #2 gave me an EKG test and saw some failed nerves of the long thoracic. the test was performed with a needle which was inserted into my back , moved around and then repeated for an hour. Very painful. He also stated the pain would go away and that nerves repair themselves. he prescribed muscle relaxers. They made me very sleepy and it became hazardous to work/drive.
Doctor #3 wanted to shoot me with steroids directly into the area of pain. I said no because I did a lot of research online and found it could have permanent damage if done so.
Doctor #4 wanted to do another EKG test, I declined because that had already been done and did not go back to him.
Chiropractor #1 Cracked my neck and my back for 3 weeks, twice a week. and I saw no results.
Doctor #5 said that I needed physical therapy, I did not attend because of failure in the past plus cost of treatment. Followed physical therapy guide I found online for my condition, it helped temporarily but pain came back.
Doctor #6 prescribed muscle relaxers. I took them and it did not fix the reoccurring pain.

I cannot stand this pain any longer. Please help..
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