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Losing your pain medication because a badUDT?

Those who have been threatened with losing their pain medications (or their doctor) because of a bad UDT (urine drug test) should read this story in the National Pain Report:

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I just read this article and it's very informative. What a shame that this is happening to chronic pain patients all over the country. We have people posting on this forum about this very thing happening to them.
I would like to see this be a requirement for pain Drs. Learning how pain medications break down in the body, and what tests should be given for certain medications.
Thank you for posting this Phil. You do your research and keep all of us informed.
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As Always Phil, thanks for sharing some excellent information. The next challenge is getting the PMP to agree there may have been a mistake in the results - or interpreting the results.

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Fortunately, many states are beginning to encourage physician education around the issue of UDT interpretation.

Too many people have lost their access to medication because of these problems.

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Welcome back to the forum, Remar. Nice to see you posting again.
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Darn - I went to the wrong site Phil. My computer took me to this site:

When I read Remar's comments I realized I must have done something wrong in this new maze of pain that messes with my mind - I found the right article. Excellent and thank you.

And thank you Remar for your post which made me realize I'd some how goofed - up!
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Thank you my dear friend. I'll never leave MH. I just took a little break.
You really do your research and this helps all of us on this forum. Things are so out of control with these pain management laws and too many people are suffering. Because of you Phil, sometimes I'm lucky enough to find petitions to sign. This is the only thing I know of that we can do right now that might make a difference. We can beg our Drs, we can argue with them but that's not going to change anything because their hands are tied. If it can be a requirement for our Drs to learn how medications break down in the system and what tests to give patients I think this is going to make a huge difference.
I told you that my sister is being forced in to pain management after having the same RA Dr for 10 years. She has an appointment to see a new pain specialist and I would like to print that article or go with her and ask the Dr if he knows about all of this. My sister could never go with out her meds and if she ever got a bad urine test and was released it would be awful. She has always taken her meds as instructed by her Dr.
Thank you so much again Phil for the research you do and for all of the help you give to us here at MH.
I'm so glad you found the right article Tuck because it's very informative.
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Kurt tells me he is working on a follow up that attempts to outline how we got into this mess. When I see the follow up piece, I'll post it. I'm on their mailing list.
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That would be great Phil! I know it's going to be a very interesting article.
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