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'Loss of normal cervical curvature possibly due to muscle spasms' What am I to do?

I've been experiencing pain in the neck, which runs down my right arm, for the past 24 months. I initially ignored it because I thought it was due to poor posture from prolonged computer gaming. However, nowadays, the pain has worsened, I consulted a physician who ordered me an x-ray of the cervical spine (AP/Lat). The report came in stating 'loss of normal cervical curvature possibly due to muscle spasm'. Currently, I'm on NSAID (diclofenac) and a cervical collar. Few days after taking the meds, neck pain is much better, but my right shoulder blade has pain, stiffness and kind of winged. My daily activities are affected, what should I do?
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If it continues, return for a follow up with the doctor.
Topical pain relievers and muscle pain creams might ease some of muscle/shoulder pain in the meantime.
could it be Thoracic Outlet syndrome?
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Thoracic outlet syndrome involves the thoracic section (middle of your spine), although there could be some overlap of nerve involvement in the lower cervical area/upper level of thoracic.
Myotome and dermatome maps show muscular innervation (myotome) and sensory innervation for each level of your spine. I doubt it is thoracic outlet syndrome syndrome.
Stays can only look at alignment, for fractures ,or displacement of bones. They don't show whether nerves could be compressed in the cervical spine, which could be causing the shoulder blade wringing and nerve pain. You would likely need an MRI for that.
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